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KIS record 2013/14

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KIS record 2013/14

Release notes

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Version 1.14 Produced 2014-05-07

This release includes the following changes:

Changes to KISAIMS

Note that characters such as '<' and '&' should be XML encoded in order to be valid markup e.g. for '&lt;' and '&amp;' respectively as HESA does not currently support the use of <![CDATA[]]> sections to return such characters.

Full details of the changes since the release of coding manual version 1.13 can be viewed in the Revision history against documentation version 1.14.

Institutions are asked to read through the Collaborative provision document to ensure the correct provider is returning a KIS, as the coverage of the KIS record for collaborative provision has changed between FECs and HEIs since the 2012/13 collection.

Further background information on KIS is available from the HEFCE website.

Need help?

If you have any queries relating to this documentation please note higher education institutions should email Institutional Liaison in the first instance and further education colleges should email [email protected] in the first instance.

Contact Liaison by email or on +44 (0)1242 388 531.