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FSR record 2014/15

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FSR record 2014/15

FSR Table 8 - Capital expenditure

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Version 1.0 Produced 2015-03-05

  1. Capital expenditure covers all expenditure which increases the value of a higher education provider's (HEP's) (or a subsidiary undertaking's) fixed assets, including the purchase of land, buildings, and those items of equipment which are included in the HEP's register of fixed assets and shown in the balance sheet. The capital expenditure should thus be consistent with the additions to fixed assets shown in a note to the balance sheet.
  2. Capital expenditure should include fees and irrecoverable VAT.
  3. Head 1: Residences and catering operations

    Sub-head 1a (Buildings)

  4. Should show capital expenditure incurred on residences, catering and conference land and building projects.
  5. Sub-head 1b (Equipment)

  6. Should show capital expenditure incurred on the purchase of equipment within residences, catering and conference operations.
  7. Head 2: Other operations

    Sub-head 2a (Buildings)

  8. Should show capital expenditure incurred on non-residential, non-catering and non-conference land and building projects.
  9. Sub-head 2b (Equipment)

  10. Should show capital expenditure incurred on the purchase of equipment within non-residential, non-catering and non-conference operations.
  11. Head 3: Total capital expenditure

  12. This is automatically calculated and is the sum of Heads 1 and 2.
  13. The sources of funding (represented by columns in the table) are:
  14. Column 1 (Total actual spend)

    Is the sum of Columns 2 to 6 and is automatically calculated.

    Column 2 (Funding body grants)

    Should represent capital grants allocated by the funding bodies, used to provide assets which have been capitalised.

    Column 3 (Retained proceeds of sales)

    Should show the contribution from proceeds of sales of exchequer funded properties after surrendering the appropriate amount to the Treasury.

    Column 4 (Internal funds)

    Should show the amount of internal funds utilised to finance expenditure contained in Column 1.

    Column 5 (Loans)

    Should include all sums borrowed from external sources to fund expenditure in Column 1.

    Column 6 (Other external sources)

    Should include amounts provided as bequests, donations or all other.

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