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Estates management record 2014/15

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Commercial space

Version 1.0 Produced 2015-08-13

General definition

Higher education provider (HEP) should refer to the following guidance relating to commercial space when completing the Estates management record.

The term commercial space/property (also called investment or income property) refers to buildings (or part buildings) or land intended to generate a profit or strategic benefit to the HEP, which might be from capital gain, rental income or collaboration benefits, i.e. intellectual property rights or other. The arrangements may be by licence, lease or other formal arrangement. In general, commercial space would be let to a third party, whose aims and objectives are not an integral part of the core function of the HEP. The floor area of any commercial space that is currently vacant, even if it has been let previously and may be again, should not be separately identified as commercial if the costs associated with that space are included elsewhere within the Estates management record.

Commercial space that can be separately identified as a discrete area together with all associated costs, staff, energy, waste, emissions etc. is considered non-returnable and should be excluded from the Estates management record.

Only in circumstances where commercial space cannot be identified in accordance with the aforementioned conditions is it considered returnable and should therefore be included in the Estates management record (together with all associated costs, staff, energy, waste, emissions etc.).

The fields in which returnable commercial space should be included are:

In addition, the total of all returnable Gross Internal Area (GIA) commercial space and Net Internal Area (NIA) commercial space should be included in:

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