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Initial Teacher Training record 2014/15

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Data model

Version 1.0 Produced 2014-04-30

The HESA ITT record specification is based on a logical data model which defines the entities covered by the record and the relationship between these entities.

In data modelling terms, an entity is a thing about which information needs to be held. Examples in the ITT record include the student, the course, and the institution.

The data model can differ from the file structure required for the submission of the data. For example, the Student record has a number of attributes expressed as repeating elements for efficiency. The ITT record, however, has an identical file structure and data model due to the simple nature of the record. For further details on the ITT file structure, please see File structure.

HESA ITT record entity relationship diagram

Data model Institution Student CourseSubject

Relationship definitions



Institution to Student An Institution must have one or many Students
A Student must belong to an Institution
Student to Course Subject A Student must have one or more Course Subjects
A Course Subject must belong to a student

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