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AP student record 2014/15 - Qualifications awardedQualificationsAwarded

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AP student record 2014/15

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Qualifications awarded

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Short nameQualificationsAwarded

Qualification or credit obtained during – or at the end of – an instance

Applicable toEngland

Compulsory for all instances where Instance.ENDDATE is not null and Instance.RSNEND = 01. (Optional for all other instances.)


Qualifications should be returned in the instance period in which they are awarded. Return of one or more qualifications does not indicate the end of an instance.

Reporting late awards

There may be cases where a student completes study in the reporting year but their results will not be known until the next reporting cycle. In these cases the Instance record should be reported as ended in the year in which the taught or structured part of the course is completed and Instance.RSNEND would be returned with code 98 'Completion of course - result unknown'. In the next reporting cycle the provider would resend the last reported InstancePeriod record with the qualification information updated.

For example, if a student completed their first degree in July 2015 but the award was not known until late November 2015 the provider would need to report the instance period in 2015/16 with qualification information included:

HESA reporting year InstancePeriod. PERIODSTART InstancePeriod. PERIODEND InstancePeriod. STULOAD Instance. ENDDATE Instance. RSNEND Qualifications Awarded. QUAL Qualifications Awarded. CLASS InstancePeriod. NOTACT
2014/15 2014-09-01 2015-07-31 100.00 2015-07-31 98
2015/16 2014-09-01 2015-07-31 0.00 2015-07-31 01 H00 01 1
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This entity is defined to hold information about the qualification(s) awarded.

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Date modified2014-10-30
Change management notesAdditional guidance added to this entity describing the method for returning late awards.

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