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Key Information Set 2014/15 - Course StageCourseStage

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Key Information Set 2014/15

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Course Stage

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Short nameCourseStage

This entity records details of the learning and teaching and assessment methods for the course stage.

Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

Where KISCourse.KISTYPE = 1, 3


This entity contains details of the learning and teaching methods and assessment methods for each stage of the course. Up to seven stages can be returned. Only accelerated courses where study is at a rate of more than 1 FTE a year will have an occurrence of one.

This entity must not be returned where KISCourse.KISTYPE = 2.

If any course component is identified as compulsory in any of KISCourse.FOUNDATION, KISCourse.SANDWICH or KISCourse.YEARABROAD (ie, the student has applied for this course and must undertake the component), the information should be reflected as an additional CourseStage, and included in average fee calculations.

If any course component is identified as optional, this could mean the student can chose between a sandwich placement or a year abroad, or have the choice as to whether to partake in the option, no additional CourseStage or fee information is required.

If in an hour timetable slot the teaching typically lasts 50 minutes, with 10 minutes scheduled to move between buildings, this pattern should be recorded as 1 hour.

Quality rules
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Reason required

To identify the details of the course.

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Minimum occurrences0
Maximum occurrences7
Schema components
Element: CourseStage
Has parts
Date modified2014-03-21
Change management notesBusiness rule 5 has been amended to clarify what is expected to be returned in this field.

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