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Key Information Set 2014/15 - Teacher training course

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Key Information Set 2014/15

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Teacher training course

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valid entries
Short nameTTCID

This field records Teacher Training Course Identifiers

Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

Where KISCourse.KISTYPE = 1 and both HESACourse and ILRAims entities do not exist

Valid entries and labels
0Not a teacher training course
1On initial or pre-service teacher training course leading to Qualified Teacher Status or to registration as a school teacher with the General Teaching Council for Scotland
2On other initial teacher training course not leading to Qualified Teacher Status nor to registration as a school teacher with the General Teaching Council for Scotland
5Inset course
8NCTL funded flexible provision (ITT)
9Other NCTL funded provision not elsewhere specified
DOther Pre-ITT activity funded by the NCTL
FSubject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) - NCTL funded
GSchool Direct Training Programme
HSchool Direct Training Programme (flexible)
LSchool Direct Training Programme (self-funded)
MSchool Direct Training Programme (self-funded - flexible)
NSchool Direct Training Programme (salaried)
PSchool Direct Training Programme (salaried - flexible)

This field will be used to link DLHE and NSS data into the KIS where no HESA course codes or ILR aims are given.

The valid entries for this field match Course.TTCID codes from HESA Student record

This field must not be returned where KISCourse.KISTYPE = 2 or 3.

This field is required where KISCourse.KISTYPE = 1 and both HESACourse and ILRAims entities are missing.

Codes G-P were introduced to permit the return of the funding mechanism alongside the identity of the course as a School Direct programme. It has been proposed that codes H, L, M, N and P are removed for the 2015/16 KIS record. Providers returning School Direct programmes in the current KIS record are able to use code G rather than the full range of codes H-P if preferred.

Quality rules
Quality rules relating to this field are displayed here.
Reason required

To facilitate linking to DLHE and NSS.

Part of
Field length1
Minimum occurrences0
Maximum occurrences1
Schema components
Element: TTCID
Date modified2014-04-29
Change management notesValid entry labels G 'School Direct Training Programme' and H 'School Direct Training Programme (flexible)' have been amended to align with the 2013/14 Student collection.

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