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KIS record 2014/15

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KIS collection 2014/15

Summary of changes since 2013/14

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Version 1.0 Produced 2014-01-16

This document summarises the main changes to the KIS collection for 2014/15. Please note that any changes made to the 2014/15 KIS collection after the first release of the manual will be documented in the Revision history.

Coding manual template

UCAS fees data

  • Following HEI requests fees data are not being collected via UCAS for 2014/15. Consequently all fees fields are to be completed as part of the KIS collection.

Schema changes

  • To enable improved linking to UCAS data the KIS Course fields Location identifier (LOCID) and UCAS Course code for the course (UCASCOURSEID) have been moved to a new KISCourse.CourseLocation within KISCourse.

  • To enable linking to the Joint Academic Coding System (JACS) version 3.0 coding frame used for the first time in the Student record (2012/13) data, the valid entries and lables for KISCourse.JACS have been updated from the JACS2 to the JACS3 classification.

  • The data type 'LDCSType' has been updated to ensure the pattern consists of either a single alpha character, or two alpha characters and a full-stop, followed by up to 6 numeric characters, to match the Learning Aim Reference Application (LARA) LDCS_Codes.csv entries.

  • The HESACourse.JOINTUKPRN field has been removed from the data items under the HESACourse entity as it it no longer required; joint medical schools, and other special cases, are to be given their own unique login for the system and submit data in their own right.

  • Addition valid entries L 'School Direct Training Programme (self-funded)', M 'School Direct Training Programme (self-funded - flexible)', N 'School Direct Training Programme (salaried)', P 'School Direct Training Programme (salaried - flexible)' have been added to the KISCourse.TTCID field.

  • Valid entries J 'School-led HEI provision (mainstream)' and K 'School-led HEI provision (flexible)' have been removed from the the KISCourse.TTCID field.

  • All references to the 'Teaching Agency' (TA) have been replaced with 'National College for Teaching and Leadership' (NCTL), to reflect that on 1 April 2013 the National College merged with the Teaching Agency to become the National College for Teaching and Leadership.

  • KISCourse.UCASPROGID field length changed from 9 to 7 and schema validation has been added to this field, as well as CourseLocation.UCASCOURSEID, to ensure that data is returned in the correct format. Additional guidance has been added to these fields to clarify the format of the data to be returned.

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