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KIS record 2014/15

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KIS record 2014/15

Unistats dataset file structure and description

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Version 1.0 Produced 2014-03-24

The Unistats dataset will be hosted on the HESA website.

For information, the fields comprising the Unistats dataset are displayed in the table beneath the Unistats structure description.

The table contains the following types of field:

  • Base fields from the C14061 submission prefixed with the appropriate entity: Institution; Location; KISCourse; Accreditation; CourseLocation; CourseStage; HESACourse or ILRAims.
  • Additional fields which have used collected data from additional sources to form the complete Unistats dataset. These sources include the HESA Student record, DLHE collection, National Student Survey (NSS), HEFCE and UCAS.

The 'Unistats output file and check documentation definitions' document (also available within the 'Unistats guidance' section) is also provided to aid users' understanding of the fields contained within the Unistats dataset.

Unistats structure 2014/15

Unistats 2014/15 description

Field name Description Element name Field Length
Institution.UKPRNUK provider reference numberUKPRN8
Location.ACCOMURLURL explaining accommodation costsACCOMURL255
Location.ACCOMURLWURL explaining accommodation costs in WelshACCOMURLW255
Location.INSTBEDSNumber of provider owned/sponsored bedsINSTBEDS5
Location.INSTLOWERLower quartile annual cost of provider owned/sponsored bedsINSTLOWER5
Location.INSTUPPERUpper quartile annual cost of provider owned/sponsored bedsINSTUPPER5
Location.LOCIDProvider's own identifier for a teaching locationLOCID2
Location.LOCNAMEProvider's own location descriptor for a teaching locationLOCNAME100
Location.LOCNAMEWProvider's own location descriptor for a teaching location in WelshLOCNAMEW100
Location.LATITUDELatitude reference point for the teaching locationLATITUDE9
Location.LONGITUDELongitude reference point for the teaching locationLONGITUDE9
Location.LOCUKPRNUK Provider Reference Number (UKPRN), which is the unique identifier allocated to providers by the UK Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP), for the location of the courseLOCUKPRN8
Location.PRIVATELOWERLower quartile annual cost of private sector bedsPRIVATELOWER5
Location.PRIVATEUPPERUpper quartile annual cost of private sector bedsPRIVATEUPPER5
Location.SUURLStudent Union URLSUURL255
Location.SUURLWStudent Union URL - WelshSUURLW255
Accreditation.ACCURLAccreditation URLACCURL255
Accreditation.ACCTEXTAccreditation type textACCTEXT9999
Accreditation.ACCTEXTWAccreditation type text - WelshACCTEXTW9999
Accreditation.ACCTYPEAccreditation typeACCTYPE5
KISAim.KISAIMCODEKIS qualification aim codeKISAIMCODE3
KISAim.KISAIMLABELKIS qualification aim labelKISAIMLABEL20
Institution.PUBUKPRNPublication UKPRNPUBUKPRN8
Institution.COUNTRYCountry of providerCOUNTRY2
KISCourse.ASSURLURL explaining Assessment methodsASSURL255
KISCourse.ASSURLWURL explaining Assessment methods in WelshASSURLW255
KISCourse.CRSEURLThe URL for the course pageCRSEURL255
KISCourse.CRSEURLWThe URL for the course page in WelshCRSEURLW255
KISCourse.DISTANCEIs the course offered wholly through distance learningDISTANCE255
KISCourse.EMPLOYURLLink to further details on employmentEMPLOYURL255
KISCourse.EMPLOYURLWLink to further details on employment in WelshEMPLOYURLW255
KISCourse.ENGFEEThe maximum annual fee for the course for a English domiciled studentENGFEE5
KISCourse.FEETBCFees yet to be confirmedFEETBC1
KISCourse.FOUNDATIONFoundation year availabilityFOUNDATION1
KISCourse.HONOURSHonours degree availabilityHONOURS1
KISCourse.KISCOURSEIDAn identifier which uniquely identifies a course within a providerKISCOURSEID30
KISCourse.KISMODEThe mode of the KIS courseKISMODE1
KISCourse.KISTYPEThe type of KIS courseKISTYPE1
KISCourse.LEVELLevel of courseLEVEL1
KISCourse.LOCCHNGEDoes the course change locationLOCCHNGE1
KISCourse.LTURLURL explaining Learning and Teaching methodsLTURL255
KISCourse.LTURLWURL explaining Learning and Teaching methods in WelshLTURLW255
KISCourse.MEANSSUPWhether there is means tested support available MEANSSUP1
KISCourse.NHSNHS funded studentsNHS1
KISCourse.NIFEEThe maximum annual fee for the course for a Northern Irish domiciled studentNIFEE5
KISCourse.NONCREDITASSESSAssessments not linked to creditNONCREDITASSES1
KISCourse.NUMSTAGETotal number of stagesNUMSTAGE1
KISCourse.OTHSUPWhether there is non-means tested support availableOTHSUP1
KISCourse.RELATEDKISThis field contains the KISs to show where no KIS is produced.RELATEDKIS30
KISCourse.SANDWICHSandwich year availabilitySANDWICH1
KISCourse.SCOTFEEThe maximum annual fee for the course for a Scottish domiciled studentSCOTFEE5
KISCourse.SUPPORTURLLink to further details on financial supportSUPPORTURL255
KISCourse.SUPPORTURLWLink to further details on financial support in WelshSUPPORTURLW255
KISCourse.TITLEThe title of the courseTITLE255
KISCourse.TITLEWThe title of the course in WelshTITLEW255
KISCourse.UCASPROGIDUCAS programme code(s) for the KISCourseUCASPROGID7
KISCourse.UKPRNAPPLYUKPRNs through which students can apply to the course.UKPRNAPPLY8
KISCourse.VARFEEFee varies by year markerVARFEE2
KISCourse.WAFEEThe maximum annual fee for the course for a Wales domiciled studentWAFEE5
KISCourse.WAIVERWhether there is a fee waiver available WAIVER1
KISCourse.WELSHProportion of the course available in WelshWELSH3
KISCourse.YEARABROADStudy year abroad availabilityYEARABROAD1
KISCourse.KISAIMKIS Course qualification aim codeKISAIM3
Accreditation.ACCDEPENDAccreditation dependant on choiceACCDEPEND1
Accreditation.ACCDEPENDURLAccreditation dependant on choice URLACCDEPENDURL255
Accreditation.ACCDEPENDURLWAccreditation dependant on choice URL in WelshACCDEPENDURLW255
KISCourse.SBJJACS Level subject codeSBJ3
KISCourse.AVGCOURSEWORKAverage of the course assessed by courseworkAVGCOURSEWORK3
KISCourse.AVGSCHEDULEDAverage of course spent in scheduled learning and teaching activitiesAVGSCHEDULED3
KISCourse.AVGWRITTENAverage of course assessed by written examsAVGWRITTEN3
Common.COMAGGAggregation LevelCOMAGG2
Common.COMSBJJACS Level subject codeCOMSBJ3
Joblist.JOBThe type of employmentJOB80
Joblist.PERCThe percentage of students in the type of employmentPERC3
Joblist.ORDERThe order to display the jobs inORDER5
Continuation.CONTAGGAggregation LevelCONTAGG2
Continuation.CONTSBJJACS Level subject codeCONTSBJ3
Continuation.UGAINEDGained intended or higherUGAINED3
Continuation.ULEFTLeft without awardULEFT3
Continuation.ULOWERGained LowerULOWER3
CourseLocation.LOCIDProvider's own identifier for a teaching locationLOCID2
CourseLocation.UCASCOURSEIDUCAS course code(s) for the KISCourseUCASCOURSEID4
CourseStage.ASSACTAssessment method indicatorASSACT1
CourseStage.COURSEWORKPercentage of assessment by courseworkCOURSEWORK3
CourseStage.INDEPENDENTPercentage of study time in guided independent studyINDEPENDENT3
CourseStage.LTACTLearning and teaching method indicatorLTACT1
CourseStage.PLACEMENTPercentage of study time on placementsPLACEMENT3
CourseStage.PRACTICALPercentage of assessment by practical examsPRACTICAL3
CourseStage.SCHEDULEDScheduled learning and teaching percentageSCHEDULED3
CourseStage.STAGEYear of course/stage that learning and teaching and assessment methods relate toSTAGE1
CourseStage.WRITTENPercentage of assessment by written examsWRITTEN3
DegreeClass.DEGAGGAggregation LevelDEGAGG2
DegreeClass.DEGSBJJACS Level subject codeDEGSBJ3
DegreeClass.UFIRSTFirst classUFIRST3
DegreeClass.UUPPERUpper second class (2:1)UUPPER3
DegreeClass.ULOWERLower second class (2:2)ULOWER3
DegreeClass.UOTHEROther HonoursUOTHER3
DegreeClass.UNANot classifiedUNA3
Employment.EMPAGGAggregation LevelEMPAGG2
Employment.EMPSBJJACS Level subject codeEMPSBJ3
Employment.WORKSTUDYProportion of students in work and studyWORKSTUDY3
Employment.STUDYProportion of students studying onlySTUDY3
Employment.ASSUNEMPProportion of students assumed unemployedASSUNEMP3
Employment.BOTHProportion of students in work and/or studyBOTH3
Employment.NOAVAILProportion of students not available for work or studyNOAVAIL3
Employment.WORKProportion of students working onlyWORK3
Entry.ENTAGGAggregation LevelENTAGG2
Entry.ENTSBJJACS Level subject codeENTSBJ3
Entry.ACCESSAccess CourseACCESS3
Entry.ALEVELA-levels and HighersALEVEL3
Entry.BACCInternational baccalaureateBACC3
Entry.DEGREEDegree or higherDEGREE3
Entry.FOUNDTNFoundation courseFOUNDTN3
Entry.NOQUALSNo qualificationsNOQUALS3
Entry.OTHEROther qualificationsOTHER3
JobType.JOBAGGAggregation LevelJOBAGG2
JobType.JOBSBJJACS Level subject codeJOBSBJ3
JobType.PROFMANProfessional or managerial jobsPROFMAN3
JobType.OTHERJOBNon-professional or managerialOTHERJOB3
JobType.UNKWNUnable to classify/UnknownUNKWN3
NHSNSS.NHSQ1I received sufficient preparatory information prior to my placement(s)NHSQ13
NHSNSS.NHSQ2I was allocated placement(s) suitable for my courseNHSQ23
NHSNSS.NHSQ3I received appropriate supervision on placement(s)NHSQ33
NHSNSS.NHSQ4I was given opportunities to meet my required practice learning outcomes/competencesNHSQ43
NHSNSS.NHSQ5My contribution during placement(s) as part of a clinical team was valuedNHSQ53
NHSNSS.NHSQ6My practice supervisor(s) understood how my placement(s) related to the broader requirement of my courseNHSQ63
NSS.NSSAGGAggregation LevelNSSAGG2
NSS.NSSSBJJACS Level subject codeNSSSBJ3
NSS.Q1Staff are good at explaining thingsQ13
NSS.Q2Staff have made the subject interestingQ23
NSS.Q3Staff are enthusiastic about what they are teachingQ33
NSS.Q4The course is intellectually stimulatingQ43
NSS.Q5The criteria used in marking have been clear in advanceQ53
NSS.Q6Assessment arrangements and marking have been fairQ63
NSS.Q7Feedback on my work has been promptQ73
NSS.Q8I have received detailed comments on my workQ83
NSS.Q9Feedback on my work has helped me clarify things I did not understandQ93
NSS.Q10I have received sufficient advice and support with my studiesQ103
NSS.Q11I have been able to contact staff when I needed toQ113
NSS.Q12Good advice was available when I needed to make study choicesQ123
NSS.Q13The timetable works efficiently as far as my activities are concernedQ133
NSS.Q14Any changes in the course or teaching have been communicated effectivelyQ143
NSS.Q15The course is well organised and is running smoothlyQ153
NSS.Q16The library resources and services are good enough for my needsQ163
NSS.Q17I have been able to access general IT resources when I needed toQ173
NSS.Q18I have been able to access specialised equipment, facilities, or rooms when I needed toQ183
NSS.Q19The course has helped me present myself with confidenceQ193
NSS.Q20My communication skills have improvedQ203
NSS.Q21As a result of the course, I feel confident in tackling unfamiliar problemsQ213
NSS.Q22Overall I am satisfied with the quality of the courseQ223
Salary.SALAGGAggregation LevelSALAGG2
Salary.SALSBJJACS Level subject codeSALSBJ3
Salary.LDLQSector lower quartile salary for subject (40 months)LDLQ6
Salary.LDMEDSector Median salary for subject (40 months)LDMED6
Salary.LDUQSector upper quartile salary for subject (40 months)LDUQ6
Salary.LQSector lower quartile salary for subject (6 months)LQ6
Salary.MEDSector Median salary for subject (6 months)MED6
Salary.UQSector upper quartile salary for subject (6 months)UQ6
Salary.INSTLQCourse lower quartile salary (6 months)INSTLQ6
Salary.INSTMEDCourse Median salary (6 months)INSTMED6
Salary.INSTUQCourse upper quartile salary (6 months)INSTUQ6
Tariff.TARAGGAggregation LevelTARAGG2
Tariff.TARSBJJACS Level subject codeTARSBJ3
Tariff.T1Less than 120T13
Tariff.T600More than 600T6003

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