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Staff record 2015/16

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Expected contract population

Version 1.0 Produced 2016-04-28

The expected contract population is a linking mechanism designed to track staff within a higher education provider (HEP) from one year to the next. Staff holding contracts in SOC2010 groups 1-3 that did not end during the previous reporting period and are not atypical are tracked by the expected contract population. Where such staff are listed in the current (Y1) return without their having a leaving date (Person.DATELEFT) and without an end date for relevant contracts (Contract.ENDCON), they must be included in next year's (Y2) Staff record. The expected contract population is available in XML and CSV format.

The list contains all records from the C(Y1)025 collection that satisfy the criteria for the expected contract population as follows:

Expected Contract Population table

Field Name Description Element name in XML Length
Person.STAFFID Staff identifier STAFFID 13
Person.OWNSTAFFID Institution's own staff identifier OWNSTAFFID 20
Institution.UKPRN UK Provider Reference Number UKPRN 8
Person.BIRTHDTE Date of birth BIRTHDTE 10
Person.SEX Legal Sex SEX 1

Download: XML Schema for the Expected Contract Population table file.

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