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Student record 2015/16 - Table of Contents

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Student record 2015/16

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Fields are displayed here by entity and sorted alphabetically by field description for ease of searching. The XSD ([RECID].xsd) defines the order that elements must appear in within submitted files. This is different to the order that they are presented within the coding manual.

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Institution :
Record type indicator (RECID)
UK Provider Reference Number (UKPRN)

Course :

Module :

Student :
Date of birth (BIRTHDTE)
Disability (DISABLE)
Ethnicity (ETHNIC)
Family name (SURNAME)
Family name on 16th birthday (SNAME16)
Forenames (FNAMES)
Gender identity (GENDERID)
HESA unique student identifier (HUSID)
Nationality (NATION)
ORCID identifier (ORCID)
Provider's own identifier for student (OWNSTU)
Religion or belief (RELBLF)
Scottish Candidate Number (SCN)
Sex identifier (SEXID)
Sexual orientation (SEXORT)
Student Support Number (SSN)
Term-time accommodation (TTACCOM)
Term-time postcode (TTPCODE)
UCAS Personal Identifier (UCASPERID)
Unique Learner Number (ULN)

Instance :
Campus identifier (CAMPID)
Collaborating provider that a student has transferred from (COLFROMPROV)
Collaborating provider that a student has transferred to (COLTOPROV)
Course identifier (COURSEID)
Date a student has transferred from another collaborating provider (COLFROMDATE)
Date a student has transferred to another collaborating provider (COLTODATE)
Disabled Student Allowance (DISALL)
End date of instance (ENDDATE)
Exchange programmes (EXCHANGE)
Expected length of study (SPLENGTH)
Fee eligibility (FEEELIG)
Fee regime indicator (FEEREGIME)
Foundation degree to degree bridging course (BRIDGE)
Fundability code (FUNDCODE)
Gross fee (GROSSFEE)
Initiatives (INITIATIVES)
Intercalation (INTERCALATE)
Location of study (LOCSDY)
Major source of tuition fees (MSTUFEE)
Mode of study (MODE)
Net fee (NETFEE)
NUMHUS used by a previous provider where a student has transferred (NUMHUSPREV)
PhD submission date (PHDSUB)
Provider's own campus identifier (INSTCAMP)
Provider's own instance identifier (OWNINST)
Reason for ending instance (RSNEND)
Reduced instance return indicator (REDUCEDI)
Regulatory body reference number (DHREGREF)
Research council student (RCSTDNT)
Research council student identifier (RCSTDID)
Special fee indicator (SPECFEE)
Start date of instance (COMDATE)
Student instance FTE (STULOAD)
Student instance identifier (NUMHUS)
Suspension of active studies (NOTACT)
Type of instance year (TYPEYR)
Units of length (UNITLGTH)
Year of course (YEARPRG)
Year of student on this instance (YEARSTU)

Entry profile :

Mobility :

Qualifications awarded :

REF data :

Student on module :

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