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Initial Teacher Training record 2015/16 - Bursary Level Award

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Initial Teacher Training record 2015/16

Fields required from institutions in England

Bursary Level Award

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valid entries
Short nameBURSLEV

Bursary level awarded

Applicable toEngland

All students.

Valid entries and labels
6No Bursary awarded
7Tier 1
8Tier 2
9Tier 3
ATier 4
BUndergraduate bursary

This field records the training bursary awarded to the student. Bursary levels will vary according to the level of study of the student, their degree classification if applicable and the subject specialism in which they wish to train to teach.

A postgraduate student will only hold one bursary – either the 'Core Bursary Award' (codes 7, 8, 9 or A) or a 'Scholarship' (code 4). Undergraduate students on a course in maths, physics, or maths and physics which leads to QTS can qualify for an 'Undergraduate bursary' (code B).

Further guidance on the types of bursary, and the amounts available, may be found in the NCTL's 'Training Bursary Guide'.

Bursaries at postgraduate level

Highest qualification 1st (Tier 1) 2:1 (Tier 2) 2:2 (Tier 3) Good A level and relevant degree (maths, physics and primary maths specialists (specialisms only)) (Tier 4)
PhD (1) X
1st class honours degree * (2) X
Medical Masters (distinction) X
Masters (3) X
2:1 honours degree* X
2:2 honours degree* X
3rd class honours degree X
Aegrotat (4) X
Ordinary degree X
No first degree X


  1. Honorary doctoral degrees are not recognised by QAA as academic qualifications.
  2. May include Integrated Masters.
  3. These do not include the MA granted on application by the University of Oxford or Cambridge. Please see the Training Bursary Guide for more details.
  4. Aegrotats are degrees awarded in lieu of illness if a trainee was unable to sit their final exams.
*or equivalent.

Bursaries at undergraduate level

Code B 'Undergraduate bursary' is currently the only bursary available to those studying at undergraduate level; if the qualification is in the subject of maths, physics, or maths and physics; and leads to qualified teacher status (QTS).

This bursary is awarded in the final year of a student’s course, but it is expected the valid entry will be returned in every year for the student to be eligible.

Quality rules
Quality rules relating to this field are displayed here.
Reason required

To ensure correct level of funding for Bursaries.

Part of
Field length1
Minimum occurrences1
Maximum occurrences1
Schema components
Element: BURSLEV
OwnerNational College for Teaching and Leadership
Date modified2015-04-30
Change management notesValid entry B 'Undergraduate bursary' added, guidance has been added to explain when this should be returned. Guidance amended in the Notes section, aligning with the NCTL document 'Training bursary guide: academic year 2015 to 2016'.

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