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KIS record 2015/16

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KIS collection 2015/16

Summary of changes since 2014/15

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Version 1.0 Produced 2014-12-18

This document summarises the main changes to the KIS collection for 2015/16. Please note that any changes made to the 2015/16 KIS collection after the first release of the manual will be documented in the Revision history.

Schema changes

The schema sequence for submitting data items has been reordered:

  • Entities are presented in parent-child order, starting with the 'Institution entity'.
  • Fields within entities are presented in the order of primary key fields, candidate key fields, foreign key fields, and non-key fields.
  • Child entities then follow.
  • Each field or entity within a parent entity is presented in alphabetical order to aid its location.

Attributes have been removed from the 'CodeContentType' extension base within the C15061CodeLists.xsd. These have been removed due to limited usage within the higher education sector and the absence of a need for such attributes.

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