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KIS record 2015/16

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KIS record 2015/16

Unistats validation overview

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Version 1.0 Produced 2015-07-30

The Unistats stage quality rules are only run for courses that have triggered the QR.Cyy061.KISCourse.HESACourse.4 rule. This highlights where multiple HESA courses that have been linked to have sets of JACS codes that fall into different JACS level 3 groupings to each other. This may be caused where providers have reviewed the JACS codes for their courses through the years as returned on the Student record, AP student record or ILR, or where genuinely different courses are being linked to.

HESA can approve switches to QR.Cyy061.KISCourse.HESACourse.4 on the proviso that all of the aggregated data items from the Student record, DLHE and NSS can be published on Unistats at course level. The data must be publishable at course level, as data cannot be published at subject level due to the inconsistencies between JACS codes linked to.

Once a validation switch for QR.Cyy061.KISCourse.HESACourse.4 has been applied and once the NSS and DLHE data is available in July, the data will be exposed to a series of Unistats stage quality rules:

  • QR.C15061.KISCourse.KISCOURSEID.1
  • QR.C15061.KISCourse.KISCOURSEID.2
  • QR.C15061.KISCourse.KISCOURSEID.3

These three rules check separately the aggregation level for the Student, DLHE and NSS data and highlight any courses for which Unistats cannot publish all of the data items at course level. As in the example below, the course has failed because the Student record data cannot be published at course level.


Where one or more of the Unistats stage quality rules are triggered, providers will need to amend the HESA or ILR course links for the affected courses. Within the Quality rule report, the switched errors section will include a switch for QR.Cyy061.KISCourse.HESACourse.6. This contains details of the KIS courses with links to multiple courses with different combinations of subject codes. Where these KIS courses also appear in the Unistats rules then providers will need to review the course links made to the KIS course and remove links to the HESA/ILR courses with the incorrect subject codes. In order to pass validation, all of the linked HESA/ILR courses will need to have matching subject information. Once the relevant HESACOURSEIDs have been removed HESA will need to then remove the original switch that was enacted for these courses in order for the data to be valid.

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