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Student record 2016/17

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Student record 2016/17 - File structures for downloadable files - DLHE survey population file

Version 1.0 Produced 2017-04-28

Files are produced in XML format.

Derived fields, prefixed with an X, are standard ways of grouping data. The specifications for these fields are made available under the 'Submission process and quality assurance' section of the manual when finalised.

Field name Description Element name in XML output Field length
Student.HUSID HESA unique student identifier HUSID 13
Student.SURNAME Family name SURNAME 100
Student.FNAMES Forenames FNAMES 100
Student.OWNSTU Provider's own identifier for student OWNSTU 20
Course.CTITLE Course title CTITLE 255
Course.COURSEID Course identifier COURSEID 30
Course.OWNCOURSEID Own course identifier OWNCOURSEID 50
XQMODE01 Qualification mode of study XQMODE01 1
QualificationsAwarded.QUAL1 Qualification awarded QUAL1 3
QualificationsAwarded.QUAL2 Qualification awarded 2 QUAL2 3
XOBTND01 DLHE Highest qualification obtained: the highest entry where more than one occurrence is returned of QualificationsAwarded.QUAL XOBTND01 3
XDLEV301 Level of qualification in DLHE - 3 way split XDLEV301 1
HOMEEUOS Home/Other EU/Other Overseas flag 1 HOMEEUOS 1
Course.TTCID Teacher training course TTCID 1
Instance.RCSTDNT Research Council student RCSTDNT 2
Instance.NUMHUS Student instance identifier NUMHUS 20
Instance.OWNINST Institution's own instance identifier OWNINST 30
DORMANT Dormant flag1 DORMANT 1
XDLEV501 Level of qualification in DLHE - 5 way split XDLEV501 1
XJACSLEV101_1 Analytical protocol JACS - level 1 grouping3 XJACSLEV101_1 1
XJACSLEV101_2 Analytical protocol JACS - level 1 grouping3 XJACSLEV101_2 1
XJACSLEV101_3 Analytical protocol JACS - level 1 grouping3 XJACSLEV101_3 1
XJACSLEV201_1 Analytical protocol JACS - level 2 grouping3 XJACSLEV201_1 2
XJACSLEV201_2 Analytical protocol JACS - level 2 grouping3 XJACSLEV201_2 2
XJACSLEV201_3 Analytical protocol JACS - level 2 grouping3 XJACSLEV201_3 2
XJACSLEV301_1 Analytical protocol JACS - level 3 grouping3 XJACSLEV301_1 3
XJACSLEV301_2 Analytical protocol JACS - level 3 grouping3 XJACSLEV301_2 3
XJACSLEV301_3 Analytical protocol JACS - level 3 grouping3 XJACSLEV301_3 3
EP_USE.XDOM01 Domicile (Processing)4 XDOM01 2
Student.NATION Defines the country of legal nationality NATION 2


1 Field attributes:

Field name Code Derived from
HOMEEUOS 1 (Home) XDOMHM01 = 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5
2 (EU) XDOMHM01 = 6
3 (Overseas) XDOMHM01 = 7
4 (Not known) XDOMHM01 = 8
DORMANT 1 (Dormant) Instance.MODE = 63 or 64
0 (Not Dormant) Instance.MODE not in (63 or 64)
CENSUS APR (April Census) Instance.ENDDATE > 31-JUL-Y1 and Instance.ENDDATE < 01-JAN-Y2
JAN (January Census) Instance.ENDDATE > 31-DEC-Y1 and Instance.ENDDATE < 01-AUG-Y2

2 If only one qualification exists the second qualification field will be blank.

3 The XJACSLEV101, XJACSLEV201 and XJACSLEV301 fields are derived from the CourseSubject entity which, for DLHE, will always have at least one occurrence and may have up to 3 (this is enforced in the business rule QR.Cyy051.Course.CourseSubject.2 as the level is HE). The derived fields are held in the Cyy051_SJ table and each Instance.INSTANCEKEY will link to the table between 1 and 3 times. Consequently, XJACSLEV101_1, XJACSLEV201_1 and XJACSLEV301_1 will always be populated but XJACSLEV101_2, XJACSLEV201_2, XJACSLEV301_2, XJACSLEV101_3, XJACSLEV201_3 and XJACSLEV301_3 may not be.

4 The domicile field is taken from the latest Entry Profile data received. This is recorded in the EP_USE table in the XDOM field which has been updated with the current submission. The table is linked to the Instance via UKPRN+HUSID+NUMHUS.

Download: XML Schema for DLHE survey population file.

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