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Initial Teacher Training 2016/17 - Previous degree type

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Initial Teacher Training 2016/17

Fields required from institutions in England

Previous degree type

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valid entries
Short nameDEGTYPE

This records the student's previous qualification.

Applicable toEngland

Student.PreviousQualification where applicable.

Valid entries and labels
002BEd (Hons)
004BSc Hons /Education
006BTech (Hons) /Education
008BA (Hons) /Education
009BA Combined Studies/Education of the Deaf
010BA (Hons) Combined Studies/Education of the Deaf
012BA with intercalated PGCE
013BSc (Hons) with intercalated PGCE
014BA (Hons) with intercalated PGCE
051Bachelor of Arts(BA)
052Bachelor of Arts Economics(BA ECON)
053Bachelor of Arts in Architecture(BA ARCH)
054Bachelor of the Art of Obstetrics (BAO)
055Bachelor of Architecture(BA ARCH)
056Bachelor of Applied Science(B ASC)
057Bachelor of Agriculture(B AG)
058Bachelor of Accountancy(B ACC)
059Bachelor of Administration(B ADMIN)
060Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA)
061Bachelor of Combined Studies (BCS)
062Bachelor of Commerce(B COMM)
063Bachelor of Divinity(BD)
064Bachelor of Dental Surgery(BDS)
065Bachelor of Engineering(B ENG)
066Bachelor of Engineering with Business Studies(B ENG/BS)
067Bachelor of Fine Art(BFA)
068Bachelor of General Studies(BGS)
069Bachelor of Humanities (BH)
070Bachelor of Hygiene (B HYG)
071Bachelor of Law(LLB)
072Bachelor of Librarianship (B LIB)
073Bachelor of Librarianship and Info. Studies(BLS)
074Bachelor of Literature (B LITT)
075Bachelor of Land Economy(BL ECON)
076Bachelor of Medical Science(B MED SC)
077Bachelor of Medicine(BM)
078Bachelor of Metallurgy (B MET)
079Bachelor of Metallurgy and Engineering(B MET/EN)
080Bachelor of Music (B MU)
081Bachelor of Nursing (BN)
082Bachelor of Pharmacy(B PHARM)
083Bachelor of Science (B SC)
084Bachelor of Science Economics (BSC/ECO)
085Bachelor of Science & Engineering (BSC/ENG)
086Bachelor of Science & Technology (BSC/TEC)
087Bachelor of Science in Social Science (BSC SS)
088Bachelor of Science in Speech Therapy (BSC SPT)
089Bachelor of Social Science (BSS)
090Bachelor of Surgery (BS)
091Bachelor of Chirurgiae (B CH)
092Bachelor of Technology (B TECH)
093Bachelor of Theology (B THEOL)
094Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine (B VMED)
095Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery (BVMS)
096Bachelor of Veterinary Science (B VSC)
097Bachelor of Education Scotland & N Ireland (B ED)
098Bachelor of Philosophy (B PHIL)
200Master of Arts (MA)
201Master of Librarianship (M LIB)
202Master of Literature (M LITT)
203Master of Music (M MUS)
204Master of Philosophy (M PHIL)
205Master of Science (M SC)
206Master of Theology (M THEOL)
207Certificate of Membership of Cranfield Institute of Technology
208Master of Education (M ED)
209Master of Business Studies (M BS)
210Master of Social Studies (M SS)
211Master of Engineering (M ENG)
212Master of Law (M LAW)
213Master of Business Administration (MBA)
214Master of Chemistry (M CHEM)
215Master of Physics (M PHYS)
300Doctor of Divinity (DD)
301Doctor of Civil Law (DCL)
302Doctor of Medicine (MD)
303Doctor of Music (D MU)
304Doctor of Science (D SC)
305Doctor of Philosophy (D PHIL)
306PhD (PHD)
400First Degree
401Higher Degree
402Degree equivalent (inc. foreign qualifications)

Providers are advised to code to the greatest level of detail possible to allow the creation of a full record at the National College for Teaching and Leadership.

The NCTL has advised that PreviousQualification.PGCECLSS may be completed where instances are returned as '402 Degree equivalent (inc. foreign qualifications)' in this field.

Please note that the degree information fields (PreviousQualification.DEGCTRY, PreviousQualification.DEGEST, PreviousQualification.DEGLENGTH, PreviousQualification.DEGSTDT and PreviousQualification.DEGENDDT) must contain information relating to the qualification recorded in the PreviousQualification.DEGTYPE field.

Quality rules
Quality rules to follow
Reason required

To create the student's NCTL record.

Part of
Field length3
Minimum occurrences0
Maximum occurrences1
Schema components
Element: DEGTYPE
OwnerNational College for Teaching and Leadership
Date modified2016-10-17
Change management notesThe Notes section for this field has been amended to remove a section of guidance that is no longer required now that the field can be returned multiple times.

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