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Alternative provider student record 2016/17 - Notification log

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Alternative provider student record 2016/17 - Notification log

This document summarises all communications associated with the 2016/17 AP student collection, starting with the publication of known changes to the record in January 2016 all the way through to collection closure in October 2017. Please refer to the Revision history document for full technical list of changes to the specifications.

HESA issue regular communications during the life of a collection:

  • Circulars: announcements to interested parties concerning or issues relating to the collection. Circulars are always made available on the HESA website for later reference, and emailed out to the mailgroup for the collection.
  • Coding manual release overviews: these document iterative changes to the technical documentation that define the form of the data to be submitted, as well as being a place to host resources associated with collecting that data.

2017-09-28 Coding manual release - version 1.8

The Coverage has been updated to remove any references to the Department of Business Innovation and Skills (BIS).

The understanding NSS reports document has been added to the coding manual.

First issue of 'File structures for downloadable files' under 'Submission process and quality assurance' have been added to the manual.

2017-08-10 Coding manual release - version 1.7

The Coverage statement has been updated to include postgraduate ITT courses.

The 2016/17 Validation kit and Quality rules are now available.

A link has been added under 'Further Guidance' to HEFCE's usage of individualised student data.

The coverage has been updated in InstancePeriod.DISALL, InstancePeriod.HEAPESPOP and InstancePeriod.MSTUFEE to allow for the return of students on a designated course, where they are dormant for the whole reporting year on an optional basis.

A small number of guidance and description changes have been made, detailed more fully in the Revision history.

The minimum number of occurrences for InstancePeriod.SSELIG has changed.

This version of the manual also includes a schema change to introduce a new valid entry K Higher Apprenticeships in Instance.INITIATIVES.

2017-02-23 Coding manual release - version 1.6

Version 1.6 of the coding manual includes a number of valid entry, guidance, and documentation additions.

New qualification coding entries have been included in QualificationsOnEntry.QUALTYPE and QualificationsOnEntry.QUALSBJ, following their inclusion in the UCAS data for HESA ('*J') transaction for 2016/17; and reconciliation with UCAS’s most recent tariff coding frames.

New valid entry M02 has been added to QualificationsAwarded.QUAL to mirror its availablility in Course.COURSEAIM.

The derived field suite for 2016/17 have been included in this release. This suite includes, for the first time, a specification for XTPOINTS: the tariff aggregation algorithm that will be used for the New Tariff scheme.

The ability to submit to the collection has been expanded, on an optional basis, to providers in Scotland. Consequently, a number of 'Applicable to' attributes will now also display 'Scotland', and there are new guidance and valid entries in the StudentEquality.ETHNIC and StudentEquality.RELBLF fields.

A small number of other guidance changes have been made, detailed more fully in the Revision history.

2016-11-24 Coding manual release - version 1.5

Version 1.5 of the coding manual includes a number of minor coverage statement changes to the EntryProfile entity, and two guidance changes. The Specification for the UCAS data for HESA (*J) 2016/17 document has been released under the 'UCAS data for HESA transaction' section of the manual.

2016-11-01 Coding manual release - version 1.4

Version 1.4 of the coding manual includes a schema change to introduce a new valid entry U 'Postgraduate Loan Eligibility' in Instance.INITIATIVES, replacing the existing T, 'Postgraduate Loan'. The required data has changed, as the need is for data on eligibility rather than receipt. We have also made two label changes to valid entry labels in EntryProfile.DOMICILE and StudentEquality.NATION, reconciling the names of Suriname and Burkina Faso with the National Statistics Country Classification.

This version additionally sees the first release of the Data collection schedule, added under the Overview section of the manual. A Further guidance on reporting qualifications on entry document is also available.

2016-09-01 Coding manual release - version 1.3

Version 1.3 of the coding manual includes the full technical specification of the record for the 2016/17 reporting period. The schema, field specifications, valid entries, and guidance are all now available.

As announced earlier this year, a number of changes have been made to the specification of the record. The most significant of these is the requirement that students on taught Masters courses be returned as part of the record. Further information is given in the Coverage document.

As usual, however, a number of small incremental changes have been made to keep the specification current. New entry qualification types have been added to QualificationsOnEntry.QUALTYPE in line with those that can be passed on from UCAS. Full revision information may be found in the Revision history document.

2016-07-28 Coding manual release - version 1.2

Publication of a further Circular (16/03) providing information on further changes required to the AP student record for 2016/17. This includes changes required to identify those who are receiving a Postgraduate Loan for Masters study (via the Student Loans Company), and changes to the monitoring of health specialisms.

2016-06-30 Coding manual release - version 1.1

Publication of a of a further Circular (16/02) for any known changes compared to the 2015/16 record. Please see here. The full technical specification will be published in September 2016.

2016-04-13 Coding manual release - version 1.0

Publication of a suite of holding pages for any known changes compared to the 2015/16 record. Please see here. The full technical specification will be published in September 2016.

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