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Key Information Set 2016/17 - Non-credit assessment

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Key Information Set 2016/17

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Non-credit assessment

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Indicator of whether course includes assessment not included within breakdown.

Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

All KISCourses where KISCourse.KISTYPE = 1 or 2.

Valid entries and labels
1Course includes assessments for which no notional credit value can be determined but that the student is required to pass.
0The course does not include assessments for which no notional credit value can be determined.

This field indicates whether the course includes required assessments that have not been included within the assessment method breakdown as they cannot be associated with the award of credit, yet are nonetheless a requirement of successful completion of the course.

Examples might include practical skills assessments in nursing, health and safety certification for scientists, fitness to practice for medical students, etc.

Any requirement for entry should not be taken into consideration here. However, providers should make it clear on their course websites what the entry requirements for the course are, including any statutory, regulatory or professional verification procedures which prospective students are expected to clear before entry.

Where such assessments form part of the course the nature of these additional assessments should be clear in the web page linked to by KISCourse.ASSURL. Where Code 1 is returned the KIS will include the following text 'The course contains some compulsory assessments not included in the above breakdown see provider website for details.'

This field must not be returned where KISCourse.KISTYPE = 3.

Further guidance on returning information of fees and support can be found here.

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