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Staff 2017/18 - ORCID identifier

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Staff 2017/18

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ORCID identifier

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Short nameORCID

This field records the ORCID identifier of a member of staff.

Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

All staff (Optional)


The ORCID identifier is a unique identifier for researchers that is compatible with the ISO Standard (ISO 27729). ORCID IDs are applied for by the individual and randomly assigned by the ORCID Registry, and will be expressed as a URI.

It has two purposes:

a) It aims to track the career progression of a research student and follow their pathway into employment within the Higher Education sector.

b) It allows students or staff to attach their unique identity to their research; and is a way of connecting researchers to their research and its outputs. This enables accurate attribution of research and its products.

It is the responsibility of the individual to provide their ORCID identifier to the provider in order for it to be returned and their progress tracked.

HESA does not require the whole of the URI to be returned, just the 16 identification digits returned as four block of four numbers, separated by hyphens.

An ORCID identifier would have the following structure:

This would be returned to HESA as:


The last character in the ORCID is a checksum digit. This checksum must be a value from 0-9 or X, a capital letter 'X' represents the value 10.

More details on the ORCID identifier are available on the ORCID website. Additionally, the UK ORCID support service can be found here.

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Field length19
Minimum occurrences0
Maximum occurrences1
Schema components
Element: ORCID
Data type: ORCIDType
OwnerORCID, Inc.
Date modified2018-04-11
Change management notesGuidance has been amended to state that values 0-9 and X can be used as the checksum digit as X denotes the value of 10.

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