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Derived field specifications - Revisions

The table below contains the revisions for all specifications of derived fields created by HESA. They are provided to aid in understanding the onwards usage of data. They may be subject to updating during the collection year, until the database for the collection closes.

For the full list of specifications, please see the Derived field specifications - Contents page.

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Field name Version Date Revision notes
XINSTID011.30.12018-05-11The following valid entries labels have been updated following legal name changes; 0037 Southampton Solent University changed to Solent University, 0184 The Queen's University of Belfast changed to Queen's University Belfast and 0185 University of Ulster changed to Ulster University. No change to technical specification
XINSTID011.29.12018-01-02The following valid entries labels have been updated: 0032 Rose Bruford College changed to Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance, 0121 The University of Keele changed to Keele University, 0146 The School of Oriental and African Studies changed to SOAS University of London, 0211 Leeds College of Art changed to Leeds Arts University, 0213 AECC Chiropractic College changed to AECC University College, 0217 The London Institute of Banking and Finance changed to The London Institute of Banking & Finance, 0244 Arts Educational School changed to Arts Educational Schools, 0309 Point Blank Music College changed to Point Blank Music School, 0337 The British School of Osteopathy changed to The University College of Osteopathy, 0340 London Centre of Contemporary Music changed to London College of Creative Media Limited. No change to technical specificati
XINSTID011.28.12016-11-01Valid entries updated to include providers expected to return data to HESA for the 16/17 collections
XINSTID011.27.12016-09-28Valid entries updated to include Alternative providers (APs) contracted to return data to HESA for the 15/16 collections: ranges 0214 - 0227, 0231 - 0333 and 0338 - 0339. Removal of existing valid entry 0133 Institute of Education, which has merged with 0149 University College London. Label updates to existing valid entries 0145 St. George's, University of London; 0154 Newcastle University; 0189 Writtle University College; and 0210 University of Suffolk. No change to technical specification
XINSTID011.26.12016-02-25Valid entries aligned with those providers contractually agreed to return data to HESA for the 15/16 collections, which currently excludes Alternative providers (APs). No change to technical specification
XINSTID011.25.12015-06-03Valid entry label 0010 Royal Central School of Speech and Drama changed to The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama following a name change. No change to technical specification
XINSTID011.24.12015-05-19Valid entry 0264 removed and replaced with 0327 following clarification of the structure of the Regents English Language Centre, International Bible Institute of London
XINSTID011.23.22015-02-12Technical specification updated to describe the STATIC_DATA.INSTHQPC_LOOKUP_(Y2)AUG lookup table correctly due to further changes made to the contents. The 'F_PROVIDER' field has been replaced with F_XPROVTYPE01 and F_XPARTCAT01. These fields are not used in the derivation of XINSTID01. Additional information text updated to refer to the change in lookup table use for 2014/15
XINSTID011.23.12014-11-18The following providers have been added to the valid entries: 0229 The National Film and Television School and 0230 Plymouth College of Art, plus providers constituent of the AP student collection. Technical specification amended to replace the lookup table used to obtain the HESA identifier value with static_data.insthqpc_lookup_(Y2)aug
XINSTID011.22.12014-11-17Valid entry label 0113 Brunel University changed to Brunel University London following name change
XINSTID011.21.12014-09-22Valid entry label 0064 Leeds Metropolitan University changed to Leeds Beckett University following name change. References to the static data lookup table 'static_data.ukprn_lookup_2013_14' have been made generic with regards to the year reference it uses, with associated guidance added to explain the naming protocol. Higher education provider (HEP) name change applied to field. Subsequent long name change
XINSTID011.20.22014-06-06Valid entry label St Mary's University College, Twickenham changed to St Mary's University, Twickenham following name change. No change to technical specification
XINSTID011.20.12014-01-13Technical specification updated referencing static_data.ukprn_lookup_2013_14 for 2013/14 XINSTID01. Update to legal names, removing 'The' from University of 0069 Northumbria at Newcastle, 0046 University of Worcester, 0155 University of Nottingham, 0154 University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and 0073 University of Plymouth. Name change of 0090 University of Glamorgan to University of South Wales. Removal of the following KIS only subscribers from XINSTID01; 0216 Regent's University London, 0220 Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, 0221 Moorlands College, 0223 Redcliffe College, 0225 Mattersey Hall and 0227 London School of Science and Technology - with explanatory note added to the Additional information section
XINSTID011.19.12013-12-05The following provider has been removed from the valid entries: 0086 The University of Wales Newport. The following provider has been added to the list of valid entries: 0228 Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
XINSTID011.18.12013-12-04The following name change has been applied: 0139 Queen Mary University of London
XINSTID011.17.12013-11-06The following name change has been applied: 0217 IFS School of Finance to IFS University College
XINSTID011.16.12013-09-24The following provider has been removed from the valid entries: 0213 AECC Chiropractic College. 0214 BPP University College has changed its name to BPP University
XINSTID011.15.12013-08-01The following provider has been added to the valid entries: 0227 London School of Science and Technology
XINSTID011.14.12013-05-02The following name changes have been applied: 0195 Royal Agricultural College changed to Royal Agricultural University. The following providers have been added to the valid entries: 0213 AECC Chiropractic College; 0214 BPP University College; 0215 GSM London; 0216 Regent's University London; 0217 IFS School of Finance; 0218 The University of Law; 0219 Richmond, The American International University in London; 0220 Institute of Contemporary Music Performance; 0221 Moorlands College; 0223 Redcliffe College; 0225 Mattersey Hall
XINSTID011.13.12013-02-28The following name changes have been applied: 0014 University of St Mark and St John and 0028 Newman University
XINSTID011.12.12013-01-31The following name changes have been applied: 0007 Bishop Grosseteste University; 0017 Falmouth University; 0018 Harper Adams University; 0040 Leeds Trinity University; 0190 Norwich University of the Arts; 0197 The Arts University Bournemouth. Reference to independent higher education provider changed to alternative provider
XINSTID011.11.12012-12-20Removal of Swansea Metropolitan University (0091) and The School of Pharmacy (0147) for 2012/13 and Switch to Static_data.UKPRN_lookup_v3 to allow for the inclusion of the additional independent higher education providers (IHEPS) - which are yet to be confirmed
XINSTID011.10.12012-10-19Amended list to change 0175 Scottish Agricultural College to SRUC
XINSTID011.9.12012-01-27Switch to Static_data.UKPRN_lookup_v2 for valid entries. This includes the new HE institution Leeds College of Art (0211). (0096) Edinburgh College of Art and (0207) Leeds College of Music removed. Technical specification updated accordingly. Second row added to Technical specification: Where the INSTID value is not found in static_data lookup table f_instid, return Null as XUKPRN01. This to match XUKPRN01 technical specification error handling
XINSTID011.8.12011-10-27Amended list to change 0089 University of Wales Institute, Cardiff to Cardiff Metropolitan University
XINSTID011.7.12011-09-13Amended list to change name of The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (0101) to Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
XINSTID011.6.12011-04-07Amended list to change name of Thames Valley University (0080) to The University of West London
XINSTID011.5.12011-03-18Amended list to change name of UHI Millennium Institute to University of the Highlands and Islands
XINSTID011.4.12011-01-31Amended list to remove 0092 Trinity University College, update names of 0176 to University of Wales Trinity Saint David and 0079 to Teesside University
XINSTID011.3.22010-10-01yy042 added to technical specification header. No change to function
XINSTID011.3.12010-07-14Valid entry change of Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication changed to Ravensbourne
XINSTID011.2.22010-06-23Error handling clarified for circumstances where value not found in lookup table
XINSTID011.2.12009-10-01Technical specification amended to reflect that Cyy031 uses UKPRN from 2008/09. Location of institution list specification changed to Data management
XINSTID011.1.52009-03-11More comprehensive explanation of specification provided. Field type added. No change to technical specification
XINSTID011.1.42008-10-15Note added to clarify that field version applicable to a reporting period
XINSTID011.1.32008-10-13Update to text to make more generic. Valid entry reference to Data Management Institution list added, and Valid entries list removed
XINSTID011.1.21994-01-01Amended field type from INTEGER to CHAR in document heading, and added text to technical specification to describe table in static data schema

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