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Estates management 2017/18 - Building condition assessment cost to upgrade - D20bConditionAssessmentUpgradeCost

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Estates management 2017/18

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Building condition assessment cost to upgrade - D20b

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Short nameConditionAssessmentUpgradeCost

The fields in this entity contain data about costs to upgrade building condition.

Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

All higher education providers (HEPs).


This definition is based around the maintenance costs required to up-grade the whole estate (excluding any commercial space) to condition B.

The costs should include ensuring legislative compliance (see Current cost of legislative compliance). Costs to upgrade should include professional fees, statutory fees, contingencies and VAT but should exclude inflation.

Define the cost to upgrade all space in Condition D to Condition B, and the cost to upgrade all space in Condition C to Condition B.

A building or proportion of building could be classed, for example, as Condition C relative to original condition gradings but would have the additional notation identifying costs necessary at today's figures to return the building to Condition B. This may result in the condition grade C-675,000 for example.

This provides a summary of building condition through grading but also an indication of cost scale/magnitude to rectify. It also enables the difference between planned maintenance and overall 'backlog' works to be reconciled.

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