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Estates management 2017/18 - Externally-provided property management costs - D36ExternallyProvidedPropertyManagementCosts

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Estates management 2017/18

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Externally-provided property management costs - D36

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Short nameExternallyProvidedPropertyManagementCosts

The fields in this entity contain data about externally-provided property management costs.

Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

All higher education providers (HEPs).


Externally-provided costs associated with all property management activities, excluding any commercial space.

Totals for the non-residential, residential and whole estate should include:

  • Externally-provided estates management costs. The revenue costs of external consultants and contractors associated with estates strategy and planning, all landlord and tenant matters, purchases and sales, rating, buildings insurance, energy, water and sewerage, landscaping, repair and maintenance (including fit-out, improvements and internal moves). Include legal costs of estate management work.
  • Externally-provided facilities management costs. This should include all revenue costs associated with activities that support the occupancy of the estate. This will include all staff and associated costs in relation to the high level management and administration (not supervision) of cleaning, security and porterage, reception services, post room and internal distribution services and transport. Include legal costs of facilities management work.
  • Externally-provided project management costs. This should include all the costs required to plan for and justify capital and revenue projects (including capital bids) and of designing and/or project managing the work where these do not form part of the contractor appointment. The costs should not include construction costs or similar. Include legal costs of project management work.

If external estate, facilities and project management costs cannot be distinguished from operational costs, then include the actual costs under Capital expenditure buildings, Property costs, Cleaning costs, Security costs, and Central post room and internal distribution services costs.

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