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Estates management 2017/18 - Hazardous wasteHazardousWaste

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Estates management 2017/18

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Hazardous waste

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Short nameHazardousWaste

The field in this entity contains data about hazardous waste.

Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

All higher education providers (HEPs).


The approximate annual mass (tonnes) of hazardous waste arising from HEP activities. Hazardous waste is defined as the types of waste that are harmful to human health, or to the environment, either immediately or over an extended period of time. Hazardous wastes are identified in the Environment Agency: European Waste Catalogue, a list of waste descriptions established by the European Commission.

Hazardous waste includes:

  • asbestos,
  • chemicals,
  • electrical and electronic equipment,
  • fluorescent light tubes and energy-saving light bulbs,
  • healthcare/clinical,
  • lead acid batteries,
  • oils,
  • pesticides,
  • refrigerators containing ozone-depleting substances,
  • solvents.

Further information on assessing and classifying hazardous waste can be found in the document 'Technical Guidance WM2' on the Environment Agency website.

Hazardous waste needs to be tracked and inventoried throughout the HEP to meet regulatory requirements; therefore monitoring and reporting of the annual hazardous waste mass ought to be relatively straightforward.

Although residential buildings will produce waste of a hazardous nature, this type of waste produced by households is not classified as hazardous waste under the Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005. Therefore, it is not necessary for HEPs to collate hazardous waste data from residential properties where it is collected by a local authority. Where HEPs do collate and monitor hazardous waste data from residential buildings this would represent best practice.

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