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Field description Field abbreviation Field version Field length Field type
Full-time equivalent subject by cost centre XFTE01 3.3.1 6 Char

Valid entries

Code Label

Dependent fields

    Depend upon fields

    • APEL
    • COSTCN
    • FTE
    • MODSBJ
    • MODID
    • XJACS201
    • XJACS01

    Additional information

    The datasets table Cyy051_CO holds Cost centre/Full time equivalence (FTE) data.

    This field contains the derived FTE of the student instance (from Instance.STULOAD) for module subjects and cost centres in the CO table.

    This field is designed to allow analysis by FTE, representing student load, rather than by headcount or apportioned numbers; particularly significant for analysing part-time load.

    XFTE01 will normally be analysed after the application of the HESA session population (XPSES01).

    Technical Specification

    The creation of the _CO and _SJ tables depends on de-duplication to ensure that all modules and courses are unique, and that instances are linked to a COURSEID/MODID (i.e. that exception checks that test for de-duplication and course/module linkage have run, and have not been switched).

    This table holds the value of Instance.STULOAD apportioned across the module subjects and cost centres.

    Create a record for every instance where a StudentOnModule record exists for that INSTANCEKEY (i.e. there may instances with Instance.STULOAD > 0, but no record will exist unless at least one record exists in the imported StudentOnModule data for that INSTANCEKEY). The exceptions to this are where StudentOnModule.MODSTAT is 4 (as this indicates the module was taken outside the reporting year) or StudentOnModule.APEL is 1 or 2 (as APEL modules do not contribute to STULOAD).

    There may be records where Instance.STULOAD or SUM(Module.FTE) or ModuleSubject.MODSBJP are zero, or Instance.STULOAD is null. In these cases create a record in the _CO table where XFTE01 is zero.

    ModuleSubject must exist for all modules. (This is enforced by the schema definition.)

    Join Instance to StudentOnModule to Module to ModuleSubject where:
    Instance.INSTANCEKEY=StudentOnModule.INSTANCEKEY and
    Instance.UKPRN=Module.UKPRN and
    Module.UKPRN=ModuleSubject.UKPRN and
    StudentOnModule.MODID=Module.MODID and
    and StudentOnModule.MODSTAT <> 4
    and StudentOnModule.APEL <> 1 or 2

    For each completed ModuleSubject entity (COSTCN, MODSBJP, MODSBJ) create a record containing:

    Instance.INSTANCEKEY, ModuleSubject.COSTCN, ModuleSubject.MODSBJ, XFTE01, XJACS201, Module.MODID calculated as:

    (ModuleSubject.MODSBJP/100)*(Module.FTE/Sum(Module.FTE) for all modules for that Instance where neither StudentOnModule.MODSTAT = 4 nor StudentOnModule.APEL = 1 or 2)*(Instance.STULOAD)

    During calculation, results must be rounded and not trimmed.

    Format of XFTE01 is 000.00 (reported to two decimal places).

    Revision history

    Date Version Notes
    2013-10-03 3.3.1 XFTE01 definition text revised to express that modules where either StudentOnModule.MODSTAT = 4 or StudentOnModule.APEL = 1 or 2 are excluded from the sum of FTE that forms the second denominator. Change to function.
    2013-01-09 3.2.1 Text added to Technical specification requiring the exclusion of modules where StudentOnModule.APEL is 1 or 2, in order to exclude prior learning from FTE apportionment. Condition added to table join accordingly. Change to function.
    2012-08-15 3.1.2 Instance.STULOAD is null has been added to the condition to create XFTE01 as zero. This is to align the specification with existing Software Development function. No change to function required.
    2011-01-31 3.1.1 Length extended from 5 to 6, to accommodate change in stored format to 2 decimal places. Also rounding and not trimming specified in calculation.
    2010-05-13 2.1.2 Note added to Additional information 'XFTE01 will normally be analysed after the application of the HESA session population (XPSES01)'
    2010-04-09 2.1.1 Added XJACS201 and new Module.MODID to technical specification
    2009-03-20 1.1.2 Format amends. Additional information added to
    2008-03-20 1.1.1 as per Cyy051 into Oracle specification, as a distinct derived field specification

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