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Field description Field abbreviation Field version Field length Field type
Analytical protocol JACS - level 3 grouping XJACSLEV301 1.6.1 3 Char

Valid entries

Code Label
001 Medicine
002 Dentistry
003 Anatomy, physiology & pathology
004 Pharmacology, toxicology & pharmacy
005 Nursing
006 Complementary medicine
007 Nutrition
008 Ophthalmics
009 Aural & oral sciences
010 Medical technology
011 Others in subjects allied to medicine
012 Biology
013 Zoology
014 Genetics
015 Microbiology
016 Molecular biology, biophysics & biochemistry
017 Others in biological sciences
018 Sports science
019 Psychology
020 Veterinary sciences
021 Animal science
022 Forestry
023 Food & beverage studies
024 Agriculture & others in veterinary sciences, agriculture & related subjects
025 Chemistry
026 Physics & astronomy
027 Forensic & archaeological science
028 Geology
029 Ocean sciences
030 Others in physical sciences
031 Physical geography & environmental science
032 Mathematics & statistics
033 Operational research
035 Computer science
036 General engineering
037 Mechanical, production & manufacturing engineering
038 Aerospace engineering
039 Naval architecture
040 Electronic & electrical engineering
041 Civil engineering
042 Chemical, process & energy engineering
043 Others in engineering
044 Materials & minerals technology
045 Maritime technology
046 Others in technology
047 Architecture
048 Building
049 Landscape design
050 Planning (urban, rural & regional)
051 Others in architecture, building & planning
052 Economics
053 Politics
054 Sociology
055 Social policy
056 Anthropology
057 Others in social studies
058 Social work
059 Human & social geography
060 Law
061 Business studies
062 Marketing
063 Management studies
064 Human resource management
065 Finance
066 Accounting
067 Tourism, transport & travel
068 Others in business & administrative studies
069 Media studies
070 Information services
071 Publicity studies
072 Publishing
073 Journalism
074 Others in mass communications & documentation
075 English studies
076 American & Australasian studies
077 Celtic studies
078 Classics
079 French studies
080 German & Scandinavian studies
081 Italian studies
082 Iberian studies
083 Others in European languages & area studies
084 Linguistics
085 Comparative literary studies
086 Others in linguistics, classics & related subjects
087 Asian studies
088 African & modern Middle Eastern studies
089 Others in Eastern, Asian & African languages & area studies
090 History
091 Archaeology
092 Others in historical & philosophical studies
093 Philosophy
094 Theology & religious studies
095 Fine art
096 Design studies
097 Music
098 Drama
099 Dance
100 Cinematics & photography
101 Imaginative writing
102 Others in creative arts & design
103 Teacher training
104 Research & study skills in education
105 Academic studies in education
106 Others in education
107 Combined
108 Initial teacher training

Dependent fields

    Depend upon fields

    • TTCID
    • XJACS01

    Additional information

    XJACSLEV301 is based on the Unistats level 3 groupings, adopted in HESA's Data Quality Assurance and Analytical Services teams' Unistats specifications - as informed by HEFCE's requirements.

    This field maps XJACS01 (held on the _SJ table of both the Cyy051 Student and Cyy054 AP student records) to the three Unistats groupings via a lookup table supplied by HESA's Data Management team in Oracle, as described in the technical specification.

    The valid entries used in XJACS01 are as per Course_Subject.SBJCA field in the relevant collection year.

    From 2012/13 the underlying JACS subject coding frame adopted the JACS3 subject codes.

    Technical Specification

    The table static_data.XJACSLEV_lookup_V2 consists of four columns: F_XJACS01 (CHAR 4); F_XJACSLEV1 (CHAR 1); F_XJACSLEV2 (CHAR 2); F_XJACSLEV3 (CHAR 3).

    1. If a Student teacher training course identifier (Course.TTCID) is submitted and coded 1 'On initial or pre-service teacher training course leading to Qualified Teacher Status or to registration as a school teacher with the General Teaching Council for Scotland'; 2 'On other initial teacher training course not leading to Qualified Teacher Status nor to registration as a school teacher with the General Teaching Council for Scotland'; or Q 'Early Years Initial Teacher Training' then XJACSLEV201 is coded 108 'Initial teacher training', irrespective of the XJACS01 code derived for that instance.

    2. If Course.TTCID is not 1, 2 or Q, lookup XJACS01 in XJACSLEV_lookup_V2.F_XJACS01 and return a value from F_XJACSLEV3 for this field.

    3. Where XJACS01 is not found in XJACSLEV_lookup_V2.F_XJACS01, return Null. This is an error, highlighting that a value is not a valid entry in the lookup table. This is designed so the derived function does not fail. Nulls are to be identified at impossible values testing to flag the issue to HESA's Data Management team.

    Note to developers: This specification is hierarchical. Complete top down.

    Course.TTCID (CHAR 1) XJACS01 on the _SJ table (CHAR 4) XJACSLEV301
    1, 2, Q 108
    Found in XJACSLEV_lookup_V2 .F_XJACS01 XJACSLEV_lookup_V2 .F_XJACSLEV3
    Not found in XJACSLEV_lookup_V2 .F_XJACS01 Null

    Revision history

    Date Version Notes
    2016-11-01 1.6.1 Technical specification updated to reflect the deletion of Course.TTCID valid entries 8 and G in the list of codes that define ITT. Change to function.
    2016-02-02 1.5.2 Minor typographic correction to the label for valid entry 080, correcting the spelling of 'Scandinavian'.
    2014-10-16 1.5.1 Technical specification updated to reflect the addition of Course.TTCID valid entry Q, and the deletion of valid entries H, L, M, N and P, in the list of codes that define ITT. Change to function. Additional information section amended to allow for the use of this field in the Cyy054 AP student record.
    2013-09-30 1.4.1 Technical specification change to include Course.TTCID codes L, M, N and P, and the deletion of J and K, in the list of codes that derive valid entry 108 'Initial teacher training'. Corresponding update to text in this section. Change to function.
    2013-04-08 1.3.1 Technical specification change to include Course.TTCID codes G, H, J, and K in the list of codes that derive valid entry 108 'Initial teacher training'. Corresponding update to text in this section. Change to function.
    2013-01-21 1.2.1 Change of lookup table in technical specification to XJACSLEV_lookup_V2 in Oracle with the move to using JACS 3.0. Valid entry 034 'Others in mathematical & computer sciences' removed as this is no longer derivable from JACS 3.0. References to NSS and TQI in additional information changed to Unistats.
    2012-03-12 1.1.1 Created

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