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Field description Field abbreviation Field version Field length Field type
Last year in which an active record for a UHN was sent to HESA (Processing) XYEARM01 2.5.1 4 Char

Valid entries

Code Label
9999 No known active record for this UHN

Dependent fields

  • none

Depend upon fields

  • MODE
  • XINACT01

Additional information

The purpose of this derived field is to indicate the year an instance was last active. Instances are uniquely identified through the combination of UKPRN, HUSID and NUMHUS fields - the 'UHN'.

This derived field is created in both the Student record (Cyy051) and the AP student record (Cyy054). In the Student record it uses the data in Instance.MODE; AP student uses the collection-specific XINACT01 derived field.

Technical Specification

In the following tables, 'First year of reporting period' is the first of the years that span the reporting period, i.e. 2015 for 2015/16.

In the Cyy051 Student record:

61, 63, 64, 73, 74 Found in Continuity register XYEARM01_static
Otherwise 9999
Otherwise First year of reporting period

In the Cyy054 AP student record:

1 Found in Continuity register XYEARM01_static
Otherwise 9999
0 First year of reporting period

Revision history

Date Version Notes
2016-01-12 2.5.1 Technical specification updated to unambiguously express the value that should be created in this field. No change to function.
2014-10-16 2.4.1 Long name of field changed to refer to 'UHN' rather than 'HIN', with reference made in the Additional Information section to what this is. References in this section to the 'Register_static' changed to 'Continuity register' to reflect a change in name from 2014/15 onwards. Technical Specification section amended to allow for the use of this field in the Cyy054 AP student record, adding a separate specification section for this record.
2014-04-14 2.3.1 Technical specification amended to reinstate Instance.MODE 61, which is present on the HIN register.
2013-10-21 2.2.1 Technical specification amended to remove Instance.MODE 61, which no longer exists.
2009-03-20 2.1.2 Format amended.
2008-07-21 2.1.1 Added MODE 73 and 74.
1994-01-01 1.1.1 Created.

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