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Student 2017/18: Support guides

This page provides an overview of the 2017/18 Student collection (C17051).

This should be used alongside the C17051 coding manual, which provides more detailed, technical information about the collection.

Need help? Contact us by email or on +44 (0)1242 211144

Student overview

What is the Student stream?

We collect data across a number of streams. These streams focus on different aspects of higher education.

The Student stream collects data about students studying at higher education providers in the UK. Details of which students need to be returned to us are included in the Coverage document found in the Coding manual.

The data we collect on behalf of the sector is provided to governments and fundng bodies in order to support the regulation of higher education. We also make anonymised data available to the public to enhance understanding of UK higher education and to support its advancement

What is a coding manual?

Our coding manuals provide you with all the necessary documentation to support your data return. The coding manual contains technical documents giving detailed information on the record's coverage, data specification and submission formats. Familiarising yourself with these documents will help you make an accurate and timely return.

Each collection has its own coding manual which can be found in the Data collection section of our site. By default, you will land on the open collection for each record; you can then select previous or future years.

The coding manuals will be updated throughout the data collection cycle and Record Contacts informed by email when new versions are made live. Be sure to check the manual's Revision history for a summary of changes.

How do I submit data to HESA?

You submit data via our online data collection system. To access this, you will need to have an appropriate role in our Identity System (IDS). We publish an IDS user guide which includes information on creating and editing your account.

You will need to be given access to the data collection system by the relevant record contact at your provider.

Once you have access to the system you will be able to upload files, track the progress of your submission, view data quality issues and download reports. An overview of the submission and validation process is given below. Further details are provided in the Coding manual under the 'Submission process and quality assurance' section heading.

Submit data

Where can I find...?

The coding manual homepage includes all the technical information you require, including:

  • The data specification
  • File format specifications
  • A detailed collection schedule
  • Our XML data entry tool (available for some streams)
  • Quality rules.

This Support guides page collects together the following resources:

  • Preparation guide
  • Stream user guide
  • Data collection system: Known issues and release history.

In the Contact and support area of our site, you can find:

Our Data innovation section includes information about:

  • Open and recently completed record reviews, including information about changes we are implementing
  • Our Data Futures programme which will transform the higher education information landscape.

In the About us section, you can find:

Where can I find further help with the Student record? Who are Liaison?

Our expert analysts have a thorough understanding of our records and processes. We are here to support you throughout the data submission process.

Contact Liaison by email or on +44 (0)1242 211144 

Find out more about Liaison

Student record JISCMail list

Our JISCMail groups allow you to discuss specific streams with colleagues from across the sector. We also use the lists to circulate news regarding data requirements and coding manual and validation kit releases.

Join the HESA-Student JISCMail list

If you encounter any problems, contact Liaison

Preparation guide (to follow)

Data collection system: Release history and known issues

Known issues (C17051)
Issue Summary Status Date raised Date resolved

Issue ID: 59449 - Quality Rules

The QR.C17051.Instance.AIMTYPE.6 and QR.C17051.Instance.AIMTYPE.7 exception rules are incorrectly triggering when a provider might not have ILRGEN=1 in their file. 

Open 11 June 2018  

Issue ID: 58866 - Derived Fields

The XTPOINTS derived field doesn't seem to be calculating correctly. In one example it was not de-duping correctly for RE (reformed Alevel) and IE (Int bacc) QUALTYPEs. 

Closed 1 June 2018 21 June 2018

Issue ID: 57096 - Quality Rules

The QR.C17051.Instance.AIMTYPE.4 rule is incorrectly triggering for REDUCEDI = 04 students, when these are outside of the coverage of the AIMTYPE field. 

Closed 19 April 2018 24 May 2018

Issue ID: 56079 - QualificationsOnEntry.QUALGRADE field length to be increased

Currently any valud entries greater than 11 cannot be entered, for example 'No overall grade' and 'No known grade'.

Note: We are going to remove the two long character grades 'No overall grade' and 'No known grade' from the QUALGRADE field, so there will be no changes required to the data collection system. This will be fixed in the next coding manual release (version 1.5). 

Closed 28 March 2018 2 May 2018

Issue ID: 47737 - Quality Rules

Please note that the static data used to validate PREVINST.8 has not yet been updated for 2017/18. This is expected to happen around June.

Closed 28 March 2018 24 May 2018

Issue ID: 56023 - Quality Rules

Providers in Wales that trigger any of the Module.FRANIND.1-4 rules rules will experience a system error. We are currently working on this and will fix as a priority.

Closed 27 March 2018 12 April 2018

Issue ID: 56008 - Quality Rules

The Engagement.ApprenticeFinances.1 rule needs to be updated to cater for Non-funded apprenticeships.

Closed 26 March 2018 12 April 2018

Issue ID: 47710​ - static data

Please note that the static data that is used to validate the rules around FE Learning aims (LARS), has not yet been updated for 2017/18. For example the QR.C17051.Engagement.ENGAIM.1 rule. This is expected to happen around April. 

Closed 21 March 2018 26 April 2018

Issue ID: 55902​ - Schema valid files

The data collection system is not accepting self-closing tags in provider's files. For example "<APFINDATE/>". These files are running properly in the validation kit, so please use this in the meantime if you are experiencing this problem. 

Note: We have realised that the above description is not actuallyt the problem. APFINDATE is a mandatory field and should have a min occurence of 1 (it's currently 0). This is therefore falling over when a provider submits thier file, as it needs a value in there. This will be fixed by amending the XSD files in a future coding manual release. 

Closed 20 March 2018 2 May 2018

Issue ID: 55662​ - Quality Rules

The QR.C17051.QualificationsOnEntry.QUALSBJ.2 business rule error, is indicating that qualification type 'WS', should have a subject code of 'WBA'. However, this should actually be a subject code of 'SCC'. 

Closed 6 March 2018 29 March 2018

Issue ID: 55248​ - Schema changes

The changes to schema in ITTSCHMS field (adding codes 7 and 8 back in) was not fully taken throughout the system. This has caused a provider to fall over in the system, and may cause others to error. In the meantime, please don't submit any files with codes 7 and 8 in the ITTSCMS field. This will be fixed and released this week. 

Closed 13 March 2018 15 March 2018

Issue ID: 54841​ - Quality Rules

The new warning business rules QR.C17051.QualificationsAwarded.QUAL.17 was incorrectly triggering when no codes ending in '91' were returned in the QUAL field. 

Closed 2 March 2018 15 March 2018

Issue ID: 54823​ - Schema changes

The changes to schema in coding manual release 1.4 was not fully taken throughout the system. This caused a couple of providers to error in the derived field process. 

Closed 2 March 2018 2 March 2018

Issue ID: 53039 - ILR generation file

A provider has caused an error with their ILR file generation. If you don't supply a Learner FAM entity and the student is coded DISALL = 4, it falls over and can't create the ILR file. 

Closed 2 February 2018 5 February 2018

Release history (C17051)
Release ID Release date Release summary
70 21 June 2018

XTPOINTS derived field has been amended to use the latest appendix file - to fix bug 58866. 

The following reports have been updated and are now available to providers:

  • PGR Transfers in
  • PGR Transfers Out
  • Frequency Counts
  • CCAnalyis 
  • Unistats 

The postcode static data has been updated. 

69 6 June 2018

Amended 1 business rules:

  • QR.C17051.QualsAwarded.OUTCOME.5 - due to changes in OUTCOME field

Amended 2 exception rules:

  • QR.C17051.Instance.ENDDATE.16 - to add a date restriction into the rule
  • QR.C17051.Student.CARER.3 - amended not to trigger when CARER.2 rule triggers 

A number of static data has been updated:

  • Degree awarding powers (used for AWARDBOD validation) 
  • Franchise partners data (used for TINST validation) 
  • OFFA financial support data (used in validation) 
  • URN data (used in ITTPLMNTSCH.2 validation) 
  • FEC lookup data (prep for Unistats report)
  • CCAnalysis static data (prep for CCANALYSIS report)
  • PI related static data (prep for checkdoc)
68 24 May 2018

Amended 1 exception rule:

  • QR.C17051.QualificationsOnEntry.QUALGRADE.2 - to cater for QUALGRADEs Q, X or U not being in the XTPOINTS appendix 

Amended 1 business rule:

  • QR.C17051.Instance.AIMTYPE.4 - to fix bug 57096 

Added 1 business rule:

  • QR.C17051.Instance.TREFNO.8 - new rule to validate TREFNO values being returned in Scotland 

All Continuity rules have now all been rolled forward. The following rules have been changed: 

  • QR.C16051.EntryProfile.WELBACC.2 - rule deleted
  • QR.C16051.Instance.NUMHUS.6 - rule deleted
  • QR.C16051.Instance.NUMHUS.8 - rule deleted
  • QR.C17051.EntryProfile.QualificationsOnEntry.10 - use XTPOINTS
  • QR.C17051.EntryProfile.QualificationsOnEntry.11 - use XTPOINTS
  • QR.C17051.EntryProfile.PGCECLSS.4 - add COURSEAIM M73
  • QR.C17051.EntryProfile.PGCESBJ.4 - COURSEAIM M73 added
  • QR.C17051.EntryProfile.MARSTAT.3 - new codes added
  • QR.C17051.Instance.PHDSUB.14 - COURSEAIM D01 removed
  • QR.C17051.Instance.NUMHUS.3 - amend for apprenticeships 
  • QR.C17051.EntryProfile.PARED.4 - REDUCEDI 7 removed
  • QR.C17051.EntryProfile.PREVINST.5  - REDUCEDI 7 removed  
  • QR.C17051.EntryProfile.SEC.4  - REDUCEDI 7 removed
  • QR.C17051.EntryProfile.SOC2000.4  - REDUCEDI 7 removed
  • QR.C17051.Student.SURNAME.2  - REDUCEDI 7 removed
  • QR.C17051.Student.SURNAME.3  - REDUCEDI 7 removed
  • QR.C17051.Instance.EntryProfile.3 - to show COLFROMPROV in display

The UKPRN static data has been updated - to fix bug 47737. This means PREVINST.8 rule will now be using the latest set of lookup data. 

The Data Supply report is now available. Changes that have been made this year are as follows:

  • SKEOS, SKEUNITS, SKEITT, WELBACC, XDLEV601, XTARIFF and XTARIFFGP01 fields have been removed; 
  • CARER, XAPPMK01, XQPREV01 and XTPOINTSGP01 field has been added;
  • for Graduate Outcomes XDLEV301 becomes XGOLEV301, XDLEV501 becomes XGOLEV501, and XOBTND01 becomes XOBTNG01; 
  • INITIATIVES and QUALGRADE have increased the field lengths. 
67B 10 May 2018

Added 1 exception rule: 

  • QualificationsAwarded.QUAL.18 - Qualification awarded being returned again (new)

Amended 4 business rules: 

  • QR.C17051.Instance.MSTUFEE.21 - add Course.COURSEAIM to display 
  • QR.C17051.Instance.FUNDCODE.36 - add Course.COURSEAIM to display
  • QR.C17051.Instance.PHDSUB.11 - it was incorrectly triggering 
  • QR.C17051.QualificationsOnEntry.QUALTYPE.4 - new QUALTYPE exceptions added into the rule

OFFA fees data has now been loaded - so the GROSSFEE rules will be working off the correct amounts for 2017/18. 

67A 2 May 2018

The Graduate Outcomes population report is now available - this is for the first cohort only December 2018, as an interim solution. Once the Graduates Outcomes collection site has been developed, the full functionality for reviewing the population information and returning contact details will become available on the Graduate Outcomes collection site. 

The latest coding manual changes (verson 1.5) have been applied, so the new QUALGRADES can now be submitted to the data collection system. 

66 26 April 2018

Added 2 new exception rules (these new rules are to highlight records that need to be returned and potentially closed off. These will both be warnings in C17051 and then made errors in C18051): 

  • QR.C17051.Instance.ENDDATE.15 
  • QR.C17051.Instance.ENDDATE.16 

Amended 1 exception rule (to use XTPOINTSGP01 derived field, instead of XTARIFFGP01):

  • QR.C17051.EntryProfile.QualificationsOnEntry.14 

The FE Learning Aims (LARS) static data has been updated - so bug 47710 is now closed. 

A whole number of derived fields have also been amended, including two new ones: XAPPMK01, XTPOINTSGP01. 

The Continuity Register has also been updated in this release, to add in some new fields and also remove some fields that are no longer needed. 

65 12 April 2018

Added 2 new exception rules: 

  • QR.C17051.Student.RELBLF.9 - new rule to monitor change of coding to 98/99.
  • QR.C17051.Student.RELBLF.10 - new rule to monitor change of religious belief

Amended 11 exception rules (mostly to use XTPOINTS or XTPOINTSGP01 derived field, instead of XTARIFF or XTARIFFGP01):

  • QR.C17051.Engagement.ApprenticeFinances.1 - amended to exclude non-funded apprenticeships
  • QR.C17051.Course.AWARDBOD.8 - related to bug 56023 
  • QR.C17051.Module.FRANIND.4 - to fix bug 56023
  • QR.C17051.EntryProfile.QUALENT3.13
  • QR.C17051.EntryProfile.QUALENT3.15
  • QR.C17051.EntryProfile.QUALENT3.16
  • QR.C17051.EntryProfile.QualificationsOnEntry.5
  • QR.C17051.QualificationsOnEntry.QUALGRADE.2
  • QR.C17051.QualificationsOnEntry.QUALGRADE.3
  • QR.C17051.QualificationsOnEntry.QUALGRADE.4
  • QR.C17051.QualificationsOnEntry.QUALGRADE.5

Business rules QR.C17051.Module.FRANIND(1-3) have also been updated - to fix bug 56023. 

The postcode static data has been updated. 

64 29 March 2018

Amended 2 business rules: 

  • QR.C17051.QualificationsOnEntry.QUALSBJ.2 - to fix a bug, the rule now caters for QUALTYPE WS (Welsh Bacc Skills cert) must be QUALTYPE SCC.
  • QR.C17051.Instance.FUNDLEV.7 - amend to add I71 to the exclusions of this rule.

Added 1 new exception rule:

  • QR.C17051.Instance.FUNDCOMP.11 - requested by HEFCW, to catch where there may be incorrect coding of funding

Amended 4 exception rules: 

  • QR.C17051.EntryProfile.POSTCODE.11 - to fix a bug from last year that incorrectly triggered for Channel Island postcodes
  • QR.C17051.Instance.COMDATE.5 - dates corrected
  • QR.C17051.Instance.COMDATE.6 - dates corrected
  • QR.C17051.Instance.COMDATE.7 - dates corrected

The 2016/17 Student fixed database is now open to providers who need to fix data from the C16051 collection. 

63B 14 March 2018

The exception rules have all been rolled forward now. Most of the amendments have also been made - though there are a few new rules to come in the next few weeks. 

Deleted 6 exception rules:

  • QR.C17051.Student.TTPCODE.16 
  • QR.C17051.Instance.INITIATIVES.16
  • QR.C17051.Instance.INITIATIVES.17
  • QR.C17051.Instance.INITIATIVES.21
  • QR.C17051.Instance.INITIATIVES.34
  • QR.C17051.EntryProfile.WELBACC.2

Amended 11 exception rules (mostly adding COURSEAIM M73 into the rules, or bugs from last year) :

  • QR.C17051.EntryProfile.PGCECLSS.5 
  • QR.C17051.EntryProfile.PGCESBJ.5 
  • QR.C17051.EntryProfile.POSTCODE.6 - amend display to include COMDATE
  • QR.C17051.EntryProfile.PREVINST.4 - amend display to include age and MODE
  • QR.C17051.Student.Instance.1 - bug with duplicated rows of data (bug from C16051)
  • QR.C17051.Student.ETHNIC.7 - remove REDUCEDI 07 
  • QR.C17051.Instance.FEEWAIVETYPE.2 
  • QR.C17051.Instance.HEAPESPOP.9 
  • QR.C17051.Instance.MODE.32 - to fix a bug with the boundaries of the rule 
  • QR.C17051.QualificationsAwarded.QUAL.17 - to fix bug 54841
  • QR.C17051.QualificationsOnEntry.QUALYEAR.28 - adding some Dance and Drama related qualifications into exclusions from the rule 

Added 8 exception rules (mostly to enforce changes in coverage and around new codes): 

  • QR.C17051.Instance.RSNEND.12 - to highlight previous completed instances being returned again
  • QR.C17051.Student.CARER.3
  • QR.C17051.Student.CARER.4
  • QR.C17051.Student.CARER.5 
  • QR.C17051.Student.CARER.6
  • QR.C17051.Student.RELBLF.7
  • QR.C17051.Student.RELBLF.8 
  • QR.C17051.QualificationsAwarded.QUAL.18 - to highlight the same qualifications awarded being returned year after year

The *J data for UCAS has been loaded into the system now - this is referenced in a number of rules. 

The system has been amended to fix bug 55248 (the schema error with ITTSCHMS field, codes 7 and 8). 

63A 2 March 2018 An interim release, to fix bug 54823 and the schema changes we made recently. As suspected, this was the derived field process causing the errors. 
62 1 March 2018

The changes in the recent coding manual have now been updated in the system - for example the new valid entries in QUALGRADES and QUALTYPES, TQSSUB and TQGSUB fields etc. See the revision history for full details. 

Amended 3 business rules:

  • QR.C17051.Instance.FUNDCODE.22 (to exclude providers in England)
  • QR.C17051.Instance.YEARPRG.3 - amend from warning to error 
  • QR.C17051.Instance.YEARPRG.5 – amend from warning to error

Added 9 new business rules (mostly around changes to funding for nursing, apprenticeship):

  • QR.C17051.Instance.FUNDCODE.36
  • QR.C17051.Instance.FUNDCODE.37
  • QR.C17051.Instance. INITIATIVES.40
  • QR.C17051.Instance. INITIATIVES.42
  • QR.C17051.Instance.ITTPlacement.4 (EntryRTE 09)
  • QR.C17051.Instance.MSTUFEE.21
  • QR.C17051.Student.RELBLF.6 
  • QR.C17051.Instance.RSNEND.13
  • QR.C17051.QualificationsAwarded.QUAL.17 (warning)

This completes all the business rules changes that we are currently aware of. Now we will move onto exception rules! 

61 15 February 2018

The web service for DfE to pick up ITT data for the Student record has now been opened. This is to allow the DfE plenty of testing time for their new data management system. 

Amended 6 business rules: 

  • QR.C17051.Instance.FEOUTCOME.4 - remove codes 6,7
  • QR.C17051.Instance.FEOUTCOME.5 - remove codes 6, 7
  • QR.C17051.Instance.ITTAIM.1 - remove TTCID Q
  • QR.C17051.Instance.ITTPHSC.1 - remove TTCID Q
  • QR.C16051.Instance.ITTPlacement.3 - allow ENTRYRTE 09 to return placements
  • QR.C17051.Engagement.OUTGRADE.1 - remove codes 6, 7

Added 5 new business rules:

  • QR.C17051.Instance.GROSSFEE.34 - fees in Wales
  • QR.C17051.Instance.INITIATIVES.41 - apprenticeships 
  • QR.C17051.Instance.PROGTYPE.6 - apprenticeships
  • QR.C17051.Student.CARER.1 - new carer field
  • QR.C17051.Student.CARER.2 - new carer field 

The FE static data has been updated to remove LDA from the LearnerFAM entity and SPP from the LearningDELFAM entity. These are used in the rules: LearnerFAM.LEARNFAMCODE.1 and LearningDeliveryFAM.LEARNDELFAMCODE.1. 

60 5 February 2018

The Entry Profile Match report is now available to providers. 

We have amended 26 business rules in total and 1 new business rule added. 

Amended 13 business rules to include COURSEAIM code M73:

  • QR.C17051.Course.COURSEAIM.20
  • QR.C17051.EntryProfile.PGCECLSS.1
  • QR.C17051.EntryProfile.PGCESBJ.1
  • QR.C17051.EntryProfile.CARELEAVER.8
  • QR.C17051.EntryProfile.CARELEAVER.9
  • QR.C17051.Instance.FEEREGIME.4
  • QR.C17051.Instance.FEEREGIME.14
  • QR.C17051.Instance.FEEREGIME.15
  • QR.C17051.Instance.FEEREGIME.17
  • QR.C17051.Instance.FEEWAIVETYPE.1
  • QR.C17051.Instance.HEAPESPOP.1
  • QR.C17051.Instance.SSELIG.2
  • QR.C17051.Instance.TREFNO.3
  • QR.C17051.Instance.TREFNO.5

Amended 6 business rules to removal REDUCEDI code 07: 

  • QR.C17051.EntryProfile.POSTCODE.1
  • QR.C17051.Instance.ENDDATE.10
  • QR.C17051.Instance.RSNEND.1
  • QR.C17051.Student.DISABLE.1
  • QR.C17051.Student.ETHNIC.4
  • QR.C17051.Student.TTPCODE.1

Amended 5 business rules due to changes in maximum fee chargeable:

  • QR.C17051.Instance.GROSSFEE.11
  • QR.C17051.Instance.GROSSFEE.12
  • QR.C17051.Instance.GROSSFEE.13
  • QR.C17051.Instance.GROSSFEE.26
  • QR.C17051.Instance.GROSSFEE.27

Amended 2 other business rules, for other reasons:

  • QR.C17051.Course.MSFUND.9 
  • QR.C17051.Instance.INITIATIVES.11 

1 new business rule: 

  • QR.C17051.Instance.ENTRYRTE.8 - to replace INITIATIVES.38

A fix for bug 53039, so the ILR generation will now be working correctly again. We have updated the file generation process to cater for this scenario. 

59 18 January 2018

The 7 QUALTYPEs that were fixed in coding manual version 1.3 are now able to be returned in the data collection system. 

Deleted 1 business rule: 

  • QR.C17051.EntryProfile.QUALENT3.4

Amended 14 business rules (mostly to remove TTCID code F): 

  • QR.C17051.Course.CourseSubject.2 
  • QR.C17051.Course.MSFUND.2 
  • QR.C17051.Instance.ENTRYRTE.2 
  • QR.C17051.Instance.FEEREGIME.1 
  • QR.C17051.Instance.FEEREGIME.12 
  • QR.C17051.Instance.FinancialSupport.3 
  • QR.C17051.Instance.FinancialSupport.4 
  • QR.C17051.Instance.FUNDCODE.6 (reviewed list of EU outermost regions) 
  • QR.C17051.Instance.FUNDCODE.13 
  • QR.C17051.Instance.FUNDCODE.25 
  • QR.C17051.Instance.FUNDCODE.27 
  • QR.C17051.Instance.INITIATIVES.31 (to include Wales in rule) 
  • QR.C17051.Instance.ITTPHSC.1 (also REDUCEDI 07 removed)
  • QR.C17051.Instance.MSTUFEE.16 

Also a number of quality rules have had plain English translations added. 

57 14 December 2017

Amended 12 business rules (mostly COURSEAIM D01 removed): 

  • QR.C17051.Instance.NUMHUSPREV.1
  • QR.C17051.Instance.PHDSUB.1
  • QR.C17051.Instance.PHDSUB.2
  • QR.C17051.Instance.PHDSUB.3
  • QR.C17051.Instance.PHDSUB.5
  • QR.C17051.Instance.PHDSUB.6
  • QR.C17051.Instance.PHDSUB.13
  • QR.C17051.Instance.REFData.1
  • QR.C17051.Instance.RSNEND.9
  • QR.C17051.Instance.SPECFEE.2
  • QR.C17051.QualificationsAwarded.QUAL.3
  • QR.C17051.Instance.ENTRYRTE.5 (added ENTRYRTE code 09)

Deleted 20 business rules: 

  • QR.C17051.Course.COURSEAIM.2
  • QR.C17051.Course.REDUCEDC.1
  • QR.C17051.Course.REDUCEDC.4
  • QR.C17051.Course.TTCID.3
  • QR.C17051.Course.TTCID.4
  • QR.C17051.CourseSubject.SBJCA.9 
  • QR.C17051.Instance.ENDDATE.3
  • QR.C17051.Instance.ITTPHSC.5
  • QR.C17051.Instance.INITIATIVES.12
  • QR.C17051.Instance.INITIATIVES.13
  • QR.C17051.Instance.INITIATIVES.22
  • QR.C17051.Instance.INITIATIVES.38
  • QR.C17051.Instance.MODE.12
  • QR.C17051.Instance.MSTUFEE.5 
  • QR.C17051.Instance.MSTUFEE.7 
  • QR.C17051.Instance.MSTUFEE.8
  • QR.C17051.Instance.REDUCEDI.1 
  • QR.C17051.Instance.REDUCEDI.2
  • QR.C17051.QualificationsAwarded.CLASS.2
  • QR.C17051.QualificationsAwarded.QUAL.1
56 8 December 2017

Our work to start rolling forward C17051 has started now. 

Schema updates have been made to reflect recent changes in the coding manual - for example the new QUALTYPE and QUALGRADE fields are now usable in the data collection system and validation kit. 

Rolled forward all derived fields from C16051. Please be aware that this means the changes for 2017/18 have not yet been made. 

Amended 18 business rules (many are due of removing COURSEAIM D01 or removing TTCID F):

  • QR.C17051.Course.COLLORG.1 
  • QR.C17051.Course.COURSEAIM.8 
  • QR.C17051.Course.TTCID.1 
  • QR.C17051.Course.TTCID.8
  • QR.C17051.Student.SSN.4 
  • QR.C17051.Instance.COLFROMDATE.1 
  • QR.C17051.Instance.COLFROMPROV.1 
  • QR.C17051.Instance.COLTODATE.1 
  • QR.C17051.Instance.COLTOPROV.1 
  • QR.C17051.Instance.COURSEID.2
  • QR.C17051.Instance.FUNDLEV.9 
  • QR.C16051.Instance.Mobility.3 
  • QR.C17051.Instance.MODE.10 (corrected the English version of this rule)
  • QR.C17051.Instance.REFData.3 (column heading display was incorrect) 
  • QR.C17051.Engagement.ApprenticeFinances.1
  • QR.C17051.EntryProfile.CARELEAVER.3 
  • QR.C17051.EntryProfile.CARELEAVER.4 
  • QR.C17051.EntryProfile.CARELEAVER.1 
54 9 November 2017

One new business rule has been added: 

  • QR.C17051.Instance.QualificationAwarded.4 - to stop qualifications awarded being returned on apprenticeship wrapper aims 
52 11 October 2017

Some minor bugs have been fixed in this release:

  • QR.C17051.CourseSubject.SBJCA.15 (noticed in C16051, bug 44060) 
  • QR.C17051.Instance.EXCHANGE.4 (noticed in C16051, bug 44068)
  • QR.C17051.Student.SSN.4 (noticed in C16051, bug 44088)

QR.C17051.Instance.INITIATIVES.37 - COURSEAIM L99 has been added into the business rule. 

The coding manual links from quality rules have all been fixed. This is when you are in the Quality Rules Report and click on the coding manual link in the rule (right corner); or when you are in the validation kit and right click on a rule. 

50A 5 September 2017

Some minor changes have been to quality rules:

  • Switzerland have been added to business rule QR.C17051.Instance.FUNDCODE.6
  • Switzerland have been added to exception rule QR.C17051.Instance.FUNDCODE.28
  • Four business rules have been amended to speed up the processing time (but the meaning hasn't changed) 
49 30 August 2017

Dashboard page

A number of minor updates have been made to the user interface on the dashboard page, including: 

  • Links updated to the known issues and HLS pages.
  • Numbers are displaying in the 'Quality Issues' and 'Issues Remaining' columns in the Activity log table. 
  • The collection and provider information is now displaying in the top menu. 
48 22 August 2017

The data collection system for the 2017/18 Student record is now open. 

The validation kit is now available. This will allow users to validate their XML against the revised schema that caters for Apprenticeship Standards. If you already have the validation kit installed there is no need to install a new version. If you do not currently have the validation kit installed, you can access it by going here. This includes the rolled-on business rules from the 2016/17 record. 

The ILR file generation tool capability has also been introduced in this release. 

The terms and conditions for using the ILR generation tool have been reviewed this year (see for more details). You will now be required to contact [email protected] to let us know if you would like to use the ILR generation tool. If you haven't informed us that you would like to opt-in, then the system will not allow you to send apprenticeship data and you will not be able to continue with your submission. 

Upcoming releases (C17051)
Month Scheduled areas of work

Work will be released in roughly the following order:

  • NSS report - draft
  • Credibilty reports - all rolled forward
  • Checkdoc report
  • Expected Instance population report
  • Credibilty reports - changes applied for this year
  • IRIS 
  • Credibility reports 
  • NSS report - finalised
  • Set up for data deliveries 

Stages of data submission

Stage 1: Submitting and validating data

A. Sending data

Send data by clicking on the 'send data' button in the data collection system. Note that actions not currently available will be greyed out.

Data collection system - Process flow

Browse your computer to locate the file you wish to submit, and upload the file to the data collection system. 


  • Files can have any name
  • Files must be in XML and conform to the relevant XML Schema Definition (XSD) file
  • Files can be compressed using PKZip/WinZip which will significantly reduce the upload time
  • Only a single file can be held on the system.

B. Validation

Automated validation checks (quality rules) will now run.

Further details on the quality rules which apply to this collection can be found in the coding manual.

The Quality rules report will contain the details of any rules triggered by the submission. Make any necessary amendments to the data and resubmit the file to the system. To pass validation, the file must not trigger any validation errors.

You can run some of these validation checks through our validation kit before submitting data to the data collection system. The kit enables you to test your data locally against schema and business stage validation rules prior to submission. You are strongly encouraged to use the validation kit as part of your data preparations.

Remember that you need to process and pass the business-stage validation in order to meet the requirements of the return deadline.

Stage 2: Committing and decommitting data

To proceed to the next stage in the submission process, a valid file needs to have been submitted. The data will then be classed as 'committable' and the option to process a COMMIT transaction will be made available through the data collection system.  

Prior to committing data, you should review all of the reports produced on the data collection system and make any necessary corrections to the data.

The COMMIT transaction sends a copy of your submission to our data quality assurance team and, where appropriate, to the relevant funding council. We analyse your return in parallel with your own analysis.


A passed commit transaction will lock the system to prevent the data from being amended. This is to allow our data quality assurance team to analyse the submission. To unlock the system you will need to request a DECOMMIT transaction.

Request a decommit by email or on +44 (0)1242 211144

Remember that you need to process and pass a COMMIT transaction in order to meet the requirements of the commit deadline.

Stage 3: Credibility checks

Once we have analysed your committed return, data quality queries will be posted onto the Minerva DQ database. Relevant users will be notified by email when these queries are available to view. The Minerva user guide provides help on using Minerva.

Access the Minerva Data Quality database

Stage 4: Sign off

Once your data has passed all the stages of validation, and any issues highlighted during credibility checking have been addressed, we will set the return to CREDIBLE. This produces the sign-off form.

When data is set to credible, a link to the sign-off form is automatically emailed to the head of the submitting organisation as well as the appropriate record contact. The form should be completed and signed by the head of the reporting organisation and returned to us by email or post. This verification offers both you and us assurances regarding onward use of the data.

Sign-off completes the data collection process.