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Aggregate Offshore record 2017/18 - Coding manual release schedule

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Version 1.0 Produced 2017-09-05

This document outlines the planned dates for the first release of the coding manual documents. These documents may subsequently be updated in the future releases.

Aggregate offshore coding manual release schedule

Release Description
April 2017 Identification of any known changes
October 2017 First full release of the manual including Overview, Quick start guide, Data specification, Further guidance and the Submission process
April 2018 First release of the Data collection schedule, Derived field specifications, Exception stage rules, and schema only validation kit
June 2018 First release of the credibility reporting definitions, along with updated Exception stage rules and additional guidance
August 2018 Maintenance release (if required)
September 2018 Maintenance release (if required)
October 2018 Maintenance release (if required)

Scheduled releases of coding manual documents

Section Document Due by
  First release of documentation highlighting any major changes since previous collection April 2017
Overview Introduction October 2017
Timetable April 2018
Quick start guide October 2017
Data specification Coverage of the record October 2017
Data model October 2017
File structure October 2017
Data items October 2017
CYY052.xsd October 2017
CYY052DataTypes.xsd October 2017
CYY052CodeLists.xsd October 2017
Derived field specifications April 2018
Further guidance Nil returns October 2017
Submission process and quality assurance Data collection schedule April 2018
Validation overview October 2017
Exception stage validation rules April 2018
Download validation kit April 2018
Submit data to HESA link October 2017
Help with the data collection system October 2017

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