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Unistats 2017/18 - Foundation year availability

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Unistats 2017/18

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Foundation year availability

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This field identifies whether an integrated foundation year is available as a course component.

Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

All KISCourses.

Valid entries and labels
0Not available

This field should be completed to reflect the availability of an integrated foundation year.

This field should not be completed to identify Foundation degrees.

Foundation years are only considered HE where they are integrated into a full HE qualification. This will only occur when both of the following apply:

  • Students are already registered for the full HE qualification at the same provider.
  • Progression to the full HE qualification is guaranteed, subject to satisfactory completion of the foundation year.

If a provider advertises the course as having an integrated foundation year and again separately as having no foundation year, then two course records must be returned. The integrated foundation year should be coded 2 'Compulsory'. The direct entry course should be coded 0 'Not available'.

If a provider does not advertise the course with an integrated foundation year, but does offer an integrated foundation year as an alternative optional route, then code 1 'Optional' should be returned.

Exceptionally, providers may offer generic foundation years which meet the above criteria, but allow students to progress onto a range of full HE qualifications. In this case the foundation year routes would not have separate Unistats produced. However, each course that students can progress onto should have the existence of an optional foundation year (KISCourse.FOUNDATION = 1).

In this context a component is considered compulsory if there is an expectation that students will take the component. It is recognised that even where such an expectation exists there will typically be some students who do not undertake the component.

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