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Unistats 2017/18 - The UCAS Programme code for the course

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Unistats 2017/18

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The UCAS Programme code for the course

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This field records the UCAS programme code.

Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

All KISCourses where the course recruits through UCAS.


This field should contain the valid UCAS programme code for 2018/19.

For UCAS admissions terminology from 2013 onwards, a programme is defined as a thematic curriculum of study and this programme may have linked courses that are specific deliveries of the programme (e.g. for different study modes or durations). Where admissions are through UCAS, the relevant UCAS programme (KISCourse.UCASPROGID) must be linked to the KISCourse.

Where a KISCourse.UCASPROGID exists for a KISCourse there should be at least one CourseLocation.UCASCOURSEID returned. CourseLocation.UCASCOURSEID can have multiple occurrences to allow linking of multiple courses to the same UCASPROGID.

Where there are multiple UCAS course identifiers associated with a programme identifier, these can only be linked to the same KISCourse if the fees are the same. If the UCAS Course Identifiers represent courses that are significantly different then a separate KISCourse record should be produced for each.


Poppleton University offer a BA (Hons) History. The UCASPROGID is A22-B22. The full-time version of the course has UCASCOURSEID (1000) and part-time it is (2000). The course is only taught at Poppleton (LOCID=PU) and the KISCourse is returned with KISCourse.KISMODE = 3 (both) as the fees for both versions of the course are the same. The University would be able to return a single KIS course for the BA (Hons) History and link it to both of the UCAS Course identifiers:


If the fees for the full and part time versions of the course were different Poppleton University would need to return two KIS Courses, both with KISCourse.UCASPROGID A22-B22 but each linked to only one CourseLocation.UCASCOURSEID.

Note: This field must be returned in the format of CNN-CNN (where C is an alpha-code character and N is a numeric value).

Quality rules
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Field length7
Minimum occurrences0
Maximum occurrences1
Schema components
Data type: UCASPROGIDType

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