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Graduate Outcomes Contact Details record 2017/18 - Notification log

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Graduate Outcomes Contact Details record 2017/18 - Notification log

This document summarises all communications associated with the 2017/18 Graduate Outcomes Contact Details collection. Please refer to the Revision history document for full technical list of changes to the specifications.

HESA issue regular communications during the life of a collection:

  • Circulars: announcements to interested parties concerning or issues relating to the collection. Circulars are always made available on the HESA website for later reference, and emailed out to the mailgroup for the collection.
  • Coding manual release overviews: these document iterative changes to the technical documentation that define the form of the data to be submitted, as well as being a place to host resources associated with collecting that data.

2019-08-08 Coding manual release - version 1.18

A change to MM - Burma [Myanmar] valid entry label has been made to Graduate.COUNTRY

Contact details guidance document has been updated to include further guidance to advice proiders when to use provider domain email addesses.

New links under Supporting documentation section have been added to access the Operational survey information and Suggested graduate contact plan.

Further guidance has been added to Graduate.EMAIL in the Notes section to improve contact details.

2019-06-28 Coding manual release - version 1.17

A new section has been added to the Provider portal user guide under the heading 'Sector survey response rates'.

2019-06-20 Coding manual release - version 1.16

The following sections 'Survey results' and 'Approval' in the Provider Portal User Guide document have been updated to add further clarification.

2019-06-06 Coding manual release - version 1.15

The following fields Graduate.UKTEL and Graduate.UKMOB have had guidance updated to clarify what numbers are allowed when submitting contact details.

Also, the 'Quality Report', 'Using the web form - uploading and amending contact details' and 'Identity system roles' sections of the Provider Portal User Guide have been updated to add further clarification.

2019-02-25 Coding manual release - version 1.14

The description for the following quality rules (GRADUATE.01, GRADUATE.02, EMAIL.10, EMAIL.11, EMAIL.12) has been changed to give more clarity.

2019-02-19 Coding manual release - version 1.13

A new document titled 'Contact details guidance for providers' has been added under the 'Supporting documentation' section. This document summarises the guidance for the creation of accurate personal contact details data.

The Quality rules document and the Notes section in the following Data Fields Graduate.UKMOB, Graduate.UKTEL, Graduate.INTTEL and Graduate.EMAIL have been updated to help providers to improve data quality.

The Data Collection Schedule Aproval and Quality assurance period deadlines for Cohort B has been delayed to 22nd February.

2019-01-14 Coding manual release - version 1.12

Further guidance have been added to the Provider portal user guide under the 'Progress Bar' section.

2018-11-15 Coding manual release - version 1.11

A new web page is now available showing all Graduate Outcomes Quality rules.

2018-11-05 Coding manual release - version 1.10

EMAILDataType schema has been modified to include special characters.

2018-11-01 Coding manual release - version 1.9

The 'Approval' section in the Provider Portal User Guide has been updated to give further guidance.

2018-10-10 Coding manual release - version 1.8

Version 1.8 includes a link to Personalising the Graduate Outcomes provider portal guidance.

2018-09-21 Coding manual release - version 1.7

Version 1.7 includes the following:

'The supporting Documentation' section has been added to include the survey Logo Specification, a link to Graduate Outcomes Promotional materials and the user guides for the Provider portal.

The Graduate Outcomes Portal link has been added under 'Submission process and quality assurance'.

Also, the Data Collection Schedule has been updated to include new deadlines for Cohort A - Further Education colleges for Northern Ireland as well 'Opt-in Bank confirmation'.

The Notes section in the following fields have been updated Graduate.GRADSTATUS and Graduate.INTTEL.

2018-08-03 Coding manual release - version 1.6

Version 1.6 include changes to the Data Collection Schedule to clarify schedule for Graduate Outcomes cohort A population file. Also in this realease it has been published the contact details Quality rules (in development) in excel format. The aim of an early release is to advice providers what will be implemented in the Quality Rules Directory website for C17071.

Notes and Description have been updated for the following data fields Graduate.COUNTRY, Graduate.FNAMES, Graduate.SURNAME, Graduate.OWNSTU and Graduate.FEPUSID . Also, Graduate.OWNSTU and Graduate.HUSID long name has been amended.

2018-07-05 Coding manual release - version 1.5

Version 1.5 includes changes to the C17071DataTypes.xsd schema to allow 'NamesType' to accept common regular expressions.

Also, information in braces has been removed from Graduate.COUNTRY data field.

2018-06-07 Coding manual release - version 1.4

Version 1.4 includes the changes to the Data collection schedule as per the comms release. Also, field length for Graduate.EMAIL has been changed to 255 to meet Confirmit data structures.

2018-05-10 Coding manual release - version 1.3

Version 1.3 of the coding manual includes the following changes:

  • The following fields have been removed from the data item page and schema: Graduate.BIRTHDTE, Graduate.COURSEID, Graduate.CTITLE, Graduate.ENDDATE, Graduate.MODE, Graduate.NATION,Graduate.NUMHUS, Graduate.OWNCOURSEID, Graduate.OWNINST, Graduate.QUAL, Graduate.RCSTDNT, Graduate.TTCID.
  • The Provider.CENSUS data field has been moved to the Provider entity.
  • Maximum occurrences for Graduate.EMAIL, Graduate.INTTEL, Graduate.UKMOB, Graduate.UKTEL have been changed from unbounded to '10'.

2018-04-09 Coding manual release - version 1.2

A link has been added under the Data collection schedule diagram which gives further guidance about the timing of the survey.

2018-01-18 Coding manual release - version 1.1

Version 1.1 of the coding manual includes a field length description for Graduate.CENSUS data field.

2017-12-05 Coding manual release - version 1.0

Version 1.0 of the coding manual includes the full technical specification of the record for the 2017/18 reporting period. The schema, field specifications, valid entries, and guidance.

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