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Staff 2018/19 - Significant Responsibility

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Staff 2018/19

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Significant Responsibility

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Short nameSIGRES

This field identifies staff that have a significant responsibility for research and that are eligible for REF 2021.

Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

Optional for 2018/19 for staff that fall into the coverage below. However, any information that institutions provide in this field will be helpful to Research England in validating data from the REF Survey of Submission Intentions that they will be collecting later in the year and which will inform workload planning for the REF assessment panels.

Must have an active contract on 2019-07-31 and meet the definition of Person.REFUOA2021 Category A eligibility: (Contract.TERMS = 1 or 2 and ((Contract.ACEMPFUN = 2 and Contract.RESAST is not 1) or (Contract.ACEMPFUN = 3))).

Valid entries and labels

SIGRES records staff that have significant responsibility for research on 31 July 2019, among staff meeting the eligibility criteria for return in REF 2021. This should include all staff meeting the eligibility criteria where Contract.ACEMPFUN = 2 (When Contract.ACEMPFUN = 2 and Contract.RESAST = 0 then Contract.SIGRES should = 1).

The definition of and guidance for identifying staff with significant responsibility for research where Contract.ACEMPFUN = 3 is included in the Guidance on submissions, pages 33-35. Where this does not include 100 per cent of eligible staff, data should be returned in accordance with institutions’ processes for determining significant responsibility for research as set out in codes of practice.

For the 2018/19 return, this should be done in accordance with the draft code of practice, where approval is pending. The purpose of collecting this data in 2018/19 is to inform the survey of submission intentions. Further information about the survey of submission intentions is in the Guidance on submissions, page 22.

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Field length1
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Maximum occurrences1
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Element: SIGRES
Date modified2019-09-03
Change management notesCoverage has been updated to clarify that this field is optional for 2018/19.

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