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Field description Field abbreviation Field version Field length Field type
Staff person population at 1 December XPOPP01 1.2.1 1 Char

Valid entries

Code Label
0 Person not counted within 1 December population
1 Person counted within 1 December population

Dependent fields

  • none

Depend upon fields

  • XPOPC01

Additional information

The HESA staff person population is an indicator of those individuals who have one or more contracts that are active on 1 December within the HESA reporting period.

Atypical staff are not counted in this population.

The HESA staff person population is used in analyses of staff person attributes by full-person equivalents (FPE).

Technical Specification

If an Institution.Person entity is linked to one or more contracts in the Person.Contract entity which have been derived to XPOPC01=1 then XPOPP01=1, else XPOPP01=0.

Revision history

Date Version Notes
2013-02-14 1.2.1 Update to Technical specification to account for switch to XML format of Staff record for 2012/13. Reference to contracts table changed to Person.Contract entity
2009-03-11 1.1.2 Removed colons following valid entry codes. Field type added. No change to technical specification
2004-05-28 1.1.1 Created

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