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Field description Field abbreviation Field version Field length Field type
Salary at reference date XSALR01 2.4.1 7 Num

Valid entries

Code Label

Dependent fields

  • XSALG01

Depend upon fields

  • XINSTC01

Additional information

Up to seven digit number

Salary information is collected either as a salary in pounds sterling (GBP) or as a salary point on a nationally recognised pay spine. This field returns staff salary in pounds sterling using either the basic salary at reference date (Contract.SALREF) or annual lookup table lookup table values based on salary points (Contract.SPOINT).

Salary information is required for all non-atypical contracts (i.e. where Contract.TERMS is not 3). If the basic salary for a contract is based on a nationally negociated pay spine (returned in Contract.SPOINT), then Contract.SALREF does not have to be returned - as salary will be derived from salary point lookup tables.

The lookup tables are created from data provided by the Universities and Colleges Employers Association (UCEA) and other organisations and contain salary values as at the end of the HESA reporting period.

Note to analysts: From 2013/14 - Where Contract.SALREF is null (not applicable) this is derived to 0 (zero) in XSALR01 - as HESA's standard onward analysis removes salary returns of £0 and null. This has enabled the XSALR01 field type to be stored as numeric. (Not applicable includes atypical staff for whom salary data is not required).

Note to developers: The lookup tables are collated into one excel workbook with tabs for each of the four administrations by HESA's Data Quality Assurance (DQA) team. The values are then stored as four Oracle lookup tables by HESA's Software Development team.

Technical Specification

The HESA analysts' lookup table is saved in as Pay_scales_lookup.xlsx (Note: these files are usually available just before the collection opens).

HESA developers use the Pay_scales_lookup.xlsx to create four administration lookup tables in the collection schema for Cyy025, as follows:


(Note that the technical specification references cyy025, rather than a specific collection reference such as C13025, to enable re-use of the specification on an annual basis).

These tables consist of the following two columns:


Technical specification (continued)

Contract. SALREF (CHAR 7) XINSTC01 (CHAR 1) Contract. SPOINT (CHAR 3) XSALR01
1. Null Null 0
2. Not null Contract.SALREF
3. Null S Found in t_lookup_cyy025_spoint_s.f_spoint t_lookup_cyy025_spoint_s.f_salref
   Null W Found in t_lookup_cyy025_spoint_w.f_spoint t_lookup_cyy025_spoint_w.f_salref
   Null N Found in t_lookup_cyy025_spoint_n.f_spoint t_lookup_cyy025_spoint_n.f_salref
   Null E Found in t_lookup_cyy025_spoint_e.f_spoint t_lookup_cyy025_spoint_e.f_salref
4. Null S Not found in t_lookup_cyy025_spoint_s.f_spoint Null*
   Null W Not found in t_lookup_cyy025_spoint_w.f_spoint Null*
   Null N Not found in t_lookup_cyy025_spoint_n.f_spoint Null*
   Null E Not found in t_lookup_cyy025_spoint_e.f_spoint Null*

1. If Contract.SALREF and Contract.SPOINT are null then XSALR01=0. (i.e. Atypical contract, neither field completed, then 0 (zero) returned).

2. If Contract.SALREF is not null then XSALR01=Contract.SALREF. (i.e. Basic salary returned for contract not on a nationally negotiated pay spine, or contract on a nationally negotiated pay spine but local salary adjustment made, then Contract.SALREF returned).

3. If Contract.SALREF is null and XINSTC01=S, W, N or E and Contract.SPOINT matches t_lookup s.f_spoint, then XSALR01= t_lookup s.f_salary. (i.e. Contract salary based on nationally negotiated pay spine, not subject to local adjustment, then salary point lookup table salary returned).

4. Else if Contract.SALREF is null and XINSTC01=S, W, N or E and Contract.SPOINT does not match t_lookup s.f_spoint, then XSALR01=Null. (* This is an error, highlighting that a value in the collection's Contract.SPOINT field is not contained in the relevant country's t_lookup_Cyy025_spoint table f_spoint column. This is designed so the derived function does not fail. Nulls are to be identified at impossible values testing to flag the issue to HESA's Data Management team.)

Revision history

Date Version Notes
2018-10-26 2.4.1 Updated FieldType from Char to Num).
2017-05-12 2.3.1 Updated FieldType from Num to Char, to allow entries to reflect all possible values).
2016-03-17 2.2.1 Technical specification updated following the location change of the Pay_scales_lookup.xlsx).
2014-01-29 2.1.1 Valid entry XXXXXXX 'Not applicable' removed from the specification. Field type changed to Numeric from Character. Technical specification updated, deriving Contract.SALREF to 0 from XXXXXXX. Accompanying note to analysts added to the Additional information section. Reference in Technical specification to lookup table changed from specific collection to stream 'Cyy025' reference. Change to version 2.1.1 due to valid entry changes).
2013-02-22 1.12.1 Updated for use with the C12025 XML structure. Additional information and Technical specification text updated accordingly. Default SALREF XXXXXXX and SALPOINT XXX changed to Null. Lookup tables updated for C12025. Step 4. added to the Technical specification: Where Contract.SALPOINT not found in t_lookup_Cyy025_spoint table return Null).
2012-02-27 1.11.1 Updated to refer to 11025 lookup tables).
2011-02-22 1.10.1 Updated to refer to 10025 lookup tables. Additional information text, regarding location of tables, added).
2010-04-13 1.9.1 Updated to refer to 09025 lookup tables
2009-05-27 1.8.1 Addition of 'or is completed' for SPOINT in Technical specification as HEIs may be required in some circumstances to return both SALREF and SPOINT fields from 2008/09
2009-03-05 1.7.1 Updated to refer to 08025 lookup tables
2008-03-05 1.6.1 Updated to refer to 07025 lookup tables
2007-08-07 1.5.1 New format input tables to accommodate different values for Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England
2006-02-21 1.3.1 Use updated lookup table for 05025. Note that table not yet created - and name not confirmed
2004-05-28 1.1.1 Field created
1994-01-01 1.4.1 Use updated lookup table for 06025
1994-01-01 1.2.1 Use updated lookup table

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