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Field description Field abbreviation Field version Field length Field type
Staff full-time equivalent activity by cost centre XSFTE01 2.2.1 7 Char

Dependent fields

  • XSFPE01
  • XSAFPE01

Depend upon fields


Additional information

The datasets table Cyy025_CC is the cost centre table created as part of the HESA Staff record.

This derived field produces the first pass of the Cyy025_CC table, populating the table with ContractKEY, ACTSOC and CCENTRE as well as creating XSFTE01.

XSFTE01 is the total staff full-time equivalence (FTE) for the year, derived from the contract of employment, proportioned to each activity's cost centre.

Technical Specification

This table holds cost centre data created from the Staff Contract entity for XSFTE01, as follows:

Do not create a record if Contract.CONFTE = 000.0*

(* Note: The length of Contract.CONFTE is a maximum of 5 characters (nnn.n), however the move to XML enables data to be returned with or without leading zeros or the decimal place, e.g. '000.0', '00.0', '0.0' or '0') are equally acceptable).

** For each occurrence (maximum of six) of the Activity entity (Activity.ACTSOC, Activity.CCENTRE and
Activity.CCPROP) create a record in the Cyy025_CC table containing:
XSFTE01 = ROUND((Activity.CCPROP/100)*Contract.CONFTE)

** This is the 'first pass' of the creation of the cost centre table. Subsequent 'passes' are required for the creation of the dependent fields XSFPE01 and XSAFPE01, as detailed in the individual field specifications.

Revision history

Date Version Notes
2016-03-17 2.2.1 Technical specification updated to increase in the maximum number of occurrences of the Contract.Activity entity to six)
2014-07-31 2.1.2 Correction of references to CONKEY to ContractKEY. This field name changed for C13025. No change to function)
2013-03-01 2.1.1 Separation of XSFTE01 from previous XSFTE01_XSFPE01_XSAFPE01 combined field specification. Technical specification revised for creation using C12025 XML structure and fields. Requirement for F_ACTNUM removed due to repeating entity structure
2009-07-23 1.1.2 Removal of text referring to creation of CHECKSUM as this is not part of the derive process
2007-07-17 1.1.1 Created

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