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Finance record 2018/19 - Table 12: Analysis of Staff Costs

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Version 1.0 Produced 2019-09-20

Table 12 provides information on the costs of staff, including the Average Staff Number (FTE), as disclosed in provider accounts.

To complete this table, providers should refer to their relevant funding body's Accounts direction through the below links:

  • HEFCW - Accounts direction
  • Scottish Funding Council - Accounts direction
  • DfENI - Providers can request a copy directly from DfENI
  • Welsh and Northern Irish providers will need to provide the remuneration of staff who earn £100,000 or over. This will be recorded by staff headcount in £5,000 pay bandings.

    There will therefore be two columns, one for headcount number and one for FTE number.

    Providers in Northern Ireland should include the Head of Provider in the relevant banding of higher paid staff (FTE and Headcount respectively).

    Providers in Wales should not include the Head of Provider in the relevant banding of higher paid staff.

    Scottish, Northern Irish and Welsh accounts directions require bandings of £10,000. For comparability purposes, both HEFCW and Department for the Economy NI (DfENI) would however like providers to complete the £5,000 bandings in the Finance record. The SFC has confirmed that Scottish institutions do not need to complete this section.

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