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Finance record 2018/19 - Table 7: Income analysed by source

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Version 1.1 Produced 2019-11-27


    Table 7 provides a further analysis of the main income headings in Table 1. The totals for each of the main income headings must be the same as those in the financial statements. This should include income from jointly controlled operations, but not income from jointly controlled entities which is included in Table 1, Head 6. Further details can be found in the FE/HE SORP (2015), section 9.

    Head 1 (Tuition fees and education contracts)

  1. This Head is automatically derived from Table 6 (Tuition fees and education contracts analysed by domicile, mode, level and source).
  2. Head 2 (Funding body grants)

  3. This Head is automatically derived from the relevant funding body grants table, which is country specific, please refer to Table 7 - Funding body grants (country specific) for more information.
  4. Head 3 (Research grants and contracts)

  5. This Head is automatically derived from Table 5 (Research grants and contracts: breakdown by source of income and HESA cost centre).
  6. Head 4 (Other income)

    Sub-head 4a (Other services rendered)

  7. This Sub-head should include income in respect of services rendered to outside bodies, including the supply of goods and consultancies. Expenditure on the direct costs of all services rendered should be included under Head 7 (Other expenditure) on Table 8.
  8. 4ai (BEIS Research Councils, UK central government/local authorities, health & hospital authorities and EU government bodies)

  9. This Sub-head should include all non-research income from UK central government bodies, non-departmental public bodies, UK local authorities, UK health and hospital authorities, except any included under Head 1. Income received for the funding of posts in clinical and non-clinical academic departments should not be included under this Sub-head, but included under Sub-head 4d.
  10. All non-research income from all government bodies operating in the EU, including the European Commission, should be entered under this Sub-head. European Social Fund (ESF) grants should be included, although ERASMUS+ grants should be included under Sub-head 4h.
  11. Knowledge Transfer Account (KTA) income should also be included under Sub-head 4ai.
  12. 4aii (EU sources (excluding EU government bodies))

  13. This Sub-head should include all non-research income from EU sources for other services provided to outside bodies. This includes the supply of goods and consultancies but excludes income from EU government bodies.
  14. 4aiii (Other)

  15. This Sub-head should include all non-research income for services rendered to industrial and commercial companies and public corporations. It should include all validation fees for courses, such as those run by other HEPs, and anything else that is not covered in 4ai or 4aii.
  16. Sub-head 4b (Residences and catering operations (including conferences))

  17. This Sub-head should include the gross income from residences, catering and conference operations split between Sub-head 4bi (Residences) and Sub-head 4bii (Catering operations). Income from third party residences, for example through nominations, should be returned under Sub-head 4a (Other services rendered).
  18. Sub-head 4c (Grants from local authorities)

  19. This Sub-head should include non-research revenue grants from local authorities. Non-research capital grants from local authorities should be returned under Sub-head 4f. Research grants from local authorities should be returned in Table 5.
  20. Sub-head 4d (Income from health & hospital authorities (excluding teaching contracts for student provision))

  21. This Sub-head should include all recognised income from UK health and hospital authorities for the funding of any employees of the HEP, including posts in academic teaching, except those relating to the provision of a service which should be recorded under Sub-head 4ai, and except for research which should be included in Table 5.
  22. Income for teaching contracts should be returned as fee income in Table 6 rather than under this Sub-head.
  23. Sub-head 4e (Other EU grant income)

  24. Grants from the Trans-European Mobility Scheme for University Studies (TEMPUS) and European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students (ERASMUS+) and similar grants should normally be returned under this Sub-head. However, where a portion of a grant from one of these sources was granted for research (which satisfies the Frascati definition) and spent on research, that portion may be returned as research income and returned under Column 8 (EU government bodies) of Table 5.
  25. Sub-head 4f (Capital grants recognised in the year)

  26. A HEP may be awarded a capital grant from a source other than a Funding Council to finance, or partly finance, the construction or acquisition of a fixed asset. The treatment of these capital grants will depend on whether the HEP has applied the accrual or performance model, under FRS 102 and the FE/HE SORP (2015). The balance returned here should include both capital grants recognised in the year under the performance model, and income from capital grants recognised in the year, under the accruals model.
  27. Capital grants for the purpose of research from sources other than the four UK funding bodies should be returned under the relevant column in Table 5. Capital grants from the four UK funding bodies should be returned under the appropriate Sub-head(s) in the relevant Table 7 (Funding body grants), which is country specific.
  28. Sub-head 4g (Income from intellectual property rights)

  29. This should include all recognised income from intellectual property rights such as licences and patents.
  30. Sub-head 4h (Other operating income)

  31. This should include all other operating income not covered by Heads 4a to 4g.
  32. Head 5 (Investment income)

  33. This should include: investment income from endowment funds; other investment income and other interest receivable. Gains or losses on the value of investments held by the endowment fund is recorded within Table 1, Head 5.
  34. In addition, the expected return on pension scheme assets and the interest on pension scheme liabilities should be netted off, and the net figure, if a net credit, included here, within investment income, or, if a net debit, within interest and other finance costs (Table 8 Head 7, Column 7).
  35. Head 6 (Total income before donations and endowments)

  36. This Head is automatically calculated and the figure is linked directly into Table 1.
  37. Head 7 (Donations and endowments)

    Head 8 (Total income)

  38. This Head is automatically calculated.

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