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Provider profile 2018/19 - Academic HESA cost centresAcademicCostCentres

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Provider profile 2018/19

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Academic HESA cost centres

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Short nameAcademicCostCentres

The Provider profile collection records the academic HESA cost centres of the reporting higher education provider (HEP).

Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

Compulsory for higher education providers (HEPs) in England. Optional for HEPs in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


HEPs must return information on all relevant academic HESA cost centres, mapped to departments and (optionally) other tiers of a HEP's structure. All fields in this entity with the exception of AcademicCostCentres.TIER1 and AcademicCostCentres.TIER2 are compulsory for HEPs in England. All fields are optional for those in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

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