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Student 2018/19 - Employer fees

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Student 2018/19

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Employer fees

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Short nameEMPFEES

The field records whether an employer contributes to tuition fees.

Applicable toWales

All instances at providers in Wales where Instance.MODE = 31 or 44 and Instance.REDUCEDI = 00.

Valid entries and labels
01Student's employer wholly pays tuition fees
02Student's employer partially pays the tuition fees
03Student's employer does not pay the tuition fees
99Not known

Codes 01 or 02 should be used when it is known that the tuition fees are paid in whole or in part by the student’s employer. This could be by paying fees directly to the provider, by providing bursary support towards fees or by providing another type of fee support (e.g. training loans).

If the student pays the fees through a loan/grant/waiver, or the fees are paid from a public source, such as the NHS, WG or the Home Office, code 03 should be used.

If the student pays the fees directly themselves, codes 01, 02, 03 or 99 should be used as appropriate depending on information available as it may not be clear whether the money has come from an employer or not.

If the source of the tuition fee is the student’s employer and the employer is a public body, the course is run specifically to train people that work in that public body and the whole course or a large proportion of the course is funded by the public source (for example, provision commissioned by NHS Workforce, Education and Development Services) and the fees are automatically paid by the public body for eligible students; then the tuition fee would be considered to be from a public source. If the public body as an employer is providing funds to pay for the tuition fee for an individual on a course, then the source would considered to be the employer.

It is not necessary that there is a direct link between the job the student is employed in and the course the student is on.

The code returned should reflect the circumstances for the instance for the academic year. In general it might be expected that the employer pays the fee for the whole instance, however, if this changes then the code in the field should be changed in the year the employer starts or stops paying the fee. If each year the fee is paid in part by the employer and in part by the student, for example, then code '02' should be used for each year. If some years are paid by the employer and some by the student, for example, then those years paid by the employer should be coded '01' and those paid by the student '03'. If all fees for the whole course are paid up front by the employer in the first year then all years of the course should be coded '01'.

Quality rules
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Reason required To obtain the number of part-time student instances whose fees are wholly or partly funded by the student's employer in order to assess if changes in the part-time funding regime affect the level of employer contributions, impacting on the supply and demand for part-time provision.
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Field length2
Minimum occurrences0
Maximum occurrences1
Schema components
Element: EMPFEES

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