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Student 2018/19 - Employment status monitoringEmploymentStatusMonitoring

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Student 2018/19

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Employment status monitoring

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Short nameEmploymentStatusMonitoring

This entity collects additional monitoring data about the employment status.

Applicable toEngland

All LearnerEmploymentStatus records where LearnerEmploymentStatus.EMPSTAT = 10, 11 or 12.


This entity should be completed to provide additional employment status monitoring data and is collected in association with certain types of employment status as detailed below. Where more than one of the indicators (listed in EmploymentStatusMonitoring.ESMTYPE) applies the entity should be repeated.

EmploymentStatusMonitoring must be collected for all Instance.LearnerEmploymentStatus records, except if LearnerEmploymentStatus.EMPSTAT = 98 'Not known/not provided'.

For ESFA funded learners, only the Employment intensity indicator must be completed (EmploymentStatusMonitoring.ESMTYPE = EII). No other employment status monitoring is required for these learners.

The table below details the requirements for each EmploymentStatusMonitoring.ESMTYPE.

In paid employment (EMPSTAT = 10) Not in paid employment, looking for work and available to start work (EMPSTAT = 11) Not in paid employment, looking for work and available to start work (EMPSTAT = 12)
Self employment indicator (SEI) If applicable Not required Not required
Employment intensity indicator (EII) Required for all Not required Not required
Length of unemployment (LOU) Not required Required for all (see note above for ESFA funded learners) Not required
Length of employment (LOE) Required for all Apprenticeship learners Not required Not required
Benefit status indicator (BSI) If applicable If applicable If applicable
Previous education indicator (PEI) If applicable If applicable If applicable
Small employer (SEM) Required for funded Apprenticeships (Frameworks and Standards) Not required Not required

Self employment indicator (SEI)

This should be completed if applicable for records where Instance.EMPSTAT is recorded as code 10 "In paid employment".

Employment Intensity indicator (EII)

This should be completed on all records dated on or after 1 August 2011 (in LearnerEmploymentStatus.DATEEMPSTATAPP) where Instance.EMPSTAT is recorded as code 10 'In paid employment'. This must be completed for ESFA funded learners.

Code 1 'Learner is employed for 16 hours or more per week' is not valid for learners with Employment status records on or after 1 August 2013 (LearnerEmploymentStatus.DATEEMPSTATAPP is after 1 August 2013). Code 3 'Learner is employed for 16-19 hours per week' or code 4 'Learner is employed for 20 hours or more per week' must be used instead.

Length of Unemployment (LOU)

This should be completed on all records where Instance.EMPSTAT is recorded as code 11 "Not in paid employment and looking for work".

Length of Employment (LOE)

This data is collected for Apprentices to monitor the length of time a learner has been with their employer prior to starting their Apprenticeship programme.

This field is collected for all apprentices on all funding models

Benefit Status Indicator (BSI)

This should be completed on all records where applicable.

Code 4 should be used for all learners in receipt of Universal Credit.

Learners who started before 1 August 2016 who have been mandated to learning by their jobcentre adviser should be recorded in the Learning Delivery Funding and Monitoring fields using code LDM318.

BSI codes should be accurately completed for all Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) funded learners for whom full funding is claimed.

Previous Education Indicator (PEI)

This should be completed if applicable.

Small employer (SEM)

Collected for all apprenticeships funded through the apprenticeship funding model (Instance.FUNDMODEL 36) and all Apprenticeship Standards funded through the trailblazer apprenticeship funding model (Instance.FUNDMODEL 81 and Instance.PROGTYPE 25).

Not required for non-funded apprenticeships (Instance.FUNDMODEL 99).

This indicator must only be used for learners in paid employment on an apprenticeship programme. This indicator is not required for Apprenticeship Framework programmes that started before 1 May 2017.

Quality rules
Quality rules relating to this entity are displayed here.
Reason required To monitor economic activity of learners, support delivery of programmes for the unemployed and establish eligibility for Adult skills funded and ESFA funded learners.
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Minimum occurrences0
Maximum occurrences7
Schema components
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OwnerEducation and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA)
Change management notes The valid combinations of Employment status monitoring code (EmploymentStatusMonitoring.ESMCODE) and Employment status monitoring type ()EmploymentStatusMonitoring.ESMTYPE) have changed for 2018/19.

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