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Student 2018/19 - FE general qualification aim

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Student 2018/19

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FE general qualification aim

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Short nameFEQAIMC

This field describes the learning aim as listed on either the Learning Aim Reference System (LARS), or the Qualifications Wales QiW database.

Applicable toEngland Wales

All courses where for any linked instance Instance.FESTUMK = 1, 3, 4 or 5. Not required where Institution.ILRGEN = 1 and all linked instances have (Instance.FUNDMODEL = 36 or Instance.PROGTYPE = 25).


Where there are any HE level students on an instance linked to this course and funded by Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) or Welsh Government DfES, (code 3 'The student is an ESFA/Welsh Government DfES funded learner studying at HE level' in Instance.FESTUMK) then Course.COURSEAIM, Course.FEQAIMC, and Course subject must all be completed.

Providers in England

Providers in England should populate this field with a value obtained from the Learning Aim Reference System (LARS).

For providers in England, '66666666' is no longer a valid entry in this field.

Providers in Wales

Providers in Wales should populate this field with a value obtained from the Qualifications Wales QiW database.

Because of the way that Qualifications Wales have allocated the Qualification Numbers, providers in Wales are required to remove slash characters in order for the Qualification Number to be returned in this field.

For internally validated courses not funded by the Welsh Government DfES, providers can use the non-specific code of '66666666' to identify these courses in this field.

If (after a discussion with Welsh Government DfES) a generic code or '66666666' is used within this field then Welsh Government DfES requires providers to also complete Course subject in order to give detail of the subject area of the qualification.

Quality rules
Quality rules relating to this entity are displayed here.
Reason required To allow monitoring of FE students by qualification aim.
Part of
Field length8
Minimum occurrences0
Maximum occurrences1
Schema components
Element: FEQAIMC
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OwnerEducation and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA)/WG-DfES

Contact Liaison by email or on +44 (0)1242 388 531.