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Student 2018/19 - Module Countable

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Student 2018/19

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Module Countable

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valid entries
Short nameMODCOUNT

This field records whether the module is countable in the academic year under HEFCW HESES/EYM rules.

Applicable toWales

All student on module records at providers in Wales that link to instances (and then to courses) at HE level

Valid entries and labels
1Module not countable
2Module is countable

A module undertaken by a student should be coded as countable unless it fits the HESES/EYM rules not to be counted. This will be where:

- modules are optional or elective

- modules have been counted in the past. For example, where a student is repeating a module that was completed in a previous year and has progressed to a subsequent year of the course, the module would not be countable.

The purpose in collecting this information is to ensure that no more than the maximum number of credit values per student on a course, as set out in HESES/EYM, is counted in the determination of the number of credit values for funding purposes. Full guidance can be found in Annex H of HESES/EYM.

If providers have difficulty in identifying modules which should not be counted, then they should contact HEFCW. This is likely to be where it is not possible to determine if modules have already been counted, for example, due to module identifiers changing or modules being taken some time in the past. APEL modules (coded as StudentOnModule.APEL = 1, 2) should be considered countable unless they fit the criteria to not be counted above.

A module should not be considered to be not countable simply because it is taken by an enrolment that is not fundable by HEFCW. Although credit value information for non-fundable students is not collected on HESES/EYM, the student enrolment is collected and so any associated modules should be considered countable, unless they fit the criteria above.

Quality rules
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Reason required Used to identify countable credit values in analysis to support funding allocation.
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Field length1
Minimum occurrences0
Maximum occurrences1
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