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Student 2018/19 - Prior attainment

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Student 2018/19

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Prior attainment

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valid entries

The student's prior attainment when they first enrol with the provider.

Applicable toEngland

All students at providers in England where Institution.ILRGEN = 1 and any (Instance.PROGTYPE = 25 or Instance.FUNDMODEL = 36).

Valid entries and labels
09Entry level
07Other qualifications below level 1
01Level 1
02Full level 2
03Full level 3
10Level 4
11Level 5
12Level 6
13Level 7 and above
97Other qualification, level not known
98Not known
99No qualifications

The data captured in this field should be the student's prior attainment when they first enrol with the provider. This field should not be updated if the student progresses to subsequent learning aims within the same or subsequent teaching year, after completing their initial learning programme.

See the ILR Appendix G for a full list of level definitions.

Where a student returns to a provider after an absence of more than one teaching year, then the field should be re-evaluated and updated.

Quality rules
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Reason required To enable Apprenticeship funding allocations. To allow analysis of the level of prior attainment of students, to help with value-added analyses and to ensure funding and delivery is targeted at key groups.
Part of
Field length2
Minimum occurrences0
Maximum occurrences1
Schema components
OwnerEducation and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA)

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