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Field description Field abbreviation Field version Field length Field type
JACS subject area XJACSA01 1.4.2 1 Char

Valid entries

Code Label
1 Medicine & dentistry
2 Subjects allied to medicine
3 Biological sciences
4 Veterinary science
5 Agriculture & related subjects
6 Physical sciences
7 Mathematical sciences
8 Computer science
9 Engineering & technology
A Architecture, building & planning
B Social studies
C Law
D Business & administrative studies
E Mass communications & documentation
F Languages
G Historical & philosophical studies
H Creative arts & design
I Education
J Combined

Dependent fields

  • None

Depend upon fields

  • XJACS01

Additional information

The datasets tables Cyy051_SJ (for the Student record) and Cyy054_SJ (for the AP student record) are the JACS subject by full person equivalent (FPE) tables, that hold the subject data from the appropriate record apportioned using the HESA 'combination splitter' methodology.

XJACS01 holds the base subject fields from the CourseSubject.SBJCA field. XJACSA01 assigns these JACS subjects to one of 19 subject areas.

The valid entry 'Combined' consists of (JACS code Y000) Interdisciplinary programmes of study.

From 2012/13 the underlying JACS subject coding frame adopted the JACS3 subject codes.

Technical Specification

The HESA Data Management table STATIC_DATA.XJACSA01_LOOKUP_3 includes JACS3 values for 2012/13 collections onwards.

The table STATIC_DATA.XJACSA01_LOOKUP_3 has two columns:
Field description
XJACSA01 (VARCHAR2(1)) JACS Subject Area

All valid entries in SBJCA must have an entry STATIC_DATA.XJACSA01_LOOKUP_3.


Revision history

Date Version Notes
2014-10-16 1.4.2 Additional information section amended to allow for the use of this field in the Cyy054 AP student record
2013-01-18 1.4.1 Lookup table changed to STATIC_DATA.XJACSA01_LOOKUP_3, a version for JACS3. Technical specification amended to refer to JACS3
2010-04-13 1.3.4 Reference to XJACSA01_appendix.pdf added in Technical specification
2009-07-17 1.3.3 Minor typo edits to Additional information
2009-03-13 1.3.2 Format amendments. Field type added. No change in technical specification
2008-05-15 1.3.1 Addition of STATIC_DATA.XJACSA01_LOOKUP_2, a version for JACS2
2003-04-25 1.1.1 Created
1994-01-01 1.2.1 Clarification of source of data as SBJCA and addition of schema to lookup table

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