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Initial Teacher Training 2018/19 - Subject of ITT course

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Initial Teacher Training 2018/19

Fields required from institutions in England

Subject of ITT course

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valid entries
Short nameSBJCA

Subject of ITT course.

Applicable toEngland

All course subject records.

Valid entries and labels
X900Advanced Study of Early Years
Q490Ancient language studies not elsewhere classified
W990Applied Art and Design
C110Applied biology
N190Applied Business
F110Applied chemistry
I900Applied ICT
F310Applied physics
N100Business Studies
N990Business, Administration and Finance
Q710Classical Greek language
C900Biological sciences (Combined/General Sciences)
F900Physical sciences (Combined/General Sciences)
I100Computer science
K290Construction and the Built Environment
P390Creative and Media
P900Creative and Media (Diploma)
W200Design and Technology
H990Engineering (Diploma)
F750Environmental and Land-based Studies
D600Food Technology
B990Hair and Beauty
L510Health and Social Care
I200Information and Communications Technology
Q610Latin language
H790Manufacturing and Product Design
P300Media Studies
R900Other Modern Language
W310Performing Arts
C600Physical Education
F390Physics with Maths
L430Public Services
N870Recreation, Sport and Leisure Studies
V600Religious Education
N900Retail Business
L900Social Sciences/Social Studies
L990Society, Health and Development
N890Sport and Active Leisure
C690Sport & exercise science not elsewhere classified
X110Training teachers - nursery
X160Training teachers - specialist
N800Travel and Tourism
X120General Primary
X121Primary Foundation

This field contains the subset of codes applicable to Initial Teacher Training Courses in England from the CourseSubject.SBJCA field in the Student record.

When more than one subject is returned the tags surrounding the main subject code should include the attribute Main="1". For example if the subjects of the teaching qualification gained are French and History, with French as the main subject, then French should be returned as: <SBJCA Main="1">R100</SBJCA>

For initial teacher training students in England

The DfE needs to be able to link ITT students in England to the intake target from which the DfE has allocated numbers. In addition, only a subset of JACS codes are appropriate for ITT programmes. The DfE wants to ensure that only appropriate subjects are recorded. At providers in England students identified as being initial teacher training students must be coded using this subset of JACS. Further details are given below.

Primary ITT Programmes (i.e. Student.ITTPHSC 51, 52, 53, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76 and 77)

The requirement on primary programmes to train students in at least one specialism is no longer compulsory.

Students who choose not to study a primary specialism should use code X120 in this field.

Where a trainee is a Primary Maths Specialist (Student.INITIATIVES=D), CourseSubject.SBJCA must be coded X160

Where a trainee is studying a 'Primary General (with Maths)' programme (Student.INITIATIVES=L), CourseSubject.SBJCA must be coded X120.

Primary PE Specialists should be coded as C690.

Where trainees continue to study a primary specialism, a valid JACS code should be used in this field as follows:

Subject JACS3 code:
Advanced study of early years X900
Art W900
Citizenship L230
Computer science I100
Creative and media P390
Dance W500
Design and technology W200
Drama W400
Economics L100
English Q300
Food technology D600
French R100
Geography L700
General primary X120
German R200
Health and social care L510
History V100
Information and communications technology I200
Italian R300
Mathematics G100
Media studies P300
Music W300
Other modern language R900
Performing arts W310
Physical education1 C600
Portuguese R500
Primary Foundation X121
Religious education V600
Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) C100, F100, F300
Spanish R400
Sport & exercise science not elsewhere classified1 C690
Training teachers - specialist2 X160
Welsh Q560

1C690 'Sport & exercise science not elsewhere classified' is valid for Primary PE specialists only. Non-specialists should be coded C600 'Physical education' instead.

2X160 'Training teachers - specialist' is valid for Primary Maths specialists only.

Providers should ensure that codes relating to the subject the student is funded for are returned. Any provider wishing to enter a code not included in the current subject list should contact the DfE directly.

Secondary ITT Programmes and ITT Programmes Covering the 7-14 and 9-14 Age Range (i.e. Student.ITTPHSC codes 54, 55, 56, 57, 78, 79, 80 or 81)

All programmes must train students in at least one specialism. It is essential that this specialism corresponds to the target from which the DfE has allocated numbers. Some Programmes will train students to teach additional specialisms.

For the specialisms:

The table below sets out the list of subjects appropriate to secondary ITT programmes with corresponding JACS codes.

Subject JACS3 code:
Ancient language studies not elsewhere classified Q490
Art W900
Biology C100
Business, administration and finance N990
Business studies N100
Chemistry F100
Citizenship L230
Classics Q800
Classical Greek language Q710
Combined/General sciences C900 F900 with a 50/50 balance
Computer science I100
Construction and the built environment K290
Dance W500
Design and technology W200
Drama W400
Economics L100
English Q300
Environmental and land-based studies F750
Food technology D600
French R100
Geography L700
German R200
Graphics W210
History V100
Hospitality N862
Information and communications technology I200
Italian R300
Latin language Q610
Law M990
Manufacturing and product design H790
Mathematics G100
Materials J500
Media P300
Media studies not elsewhere classified P390
Music W300
Other modern languages R900
Performing arts W310
Physical education C600
Physics F300
Physics with Maths F390
Portuguese R500
Psychology C800
Religious education V600
Retail business N900
Russian R700
Social sciences/Social studies L900
Society, health and development L990
Spanish R400
Sport and active leisure N890
Textiles J420
Travel and tourism N800
Vocational - Applied business N190
Vocational - Applied ICT I900
Vocational - Applied art and design W990
Vocational - Applied science Applied biology C110, Applied chemistry F110, Applied physics F310
Vocational - Engineering H900
Vocational - Health and social care L510
Vocational - Manufacturing H700
Vocational - Recreation, sport and leisure studies N870
Welsh Q560
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Field length4
Minimum occurrences1
Maximum occurrences1
Schema components
Element: SBJCA
Data type: SBJCAType

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