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Initial Teacher Training 2018/19 - Year of course

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Initial Teacher Training 2018/19

Fields required from institutions in England

Year of course

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Short nameYEARPRG

This field indicates the year number of the course that the student is currently studying. This could be different from the year of student if the student has changed course or re-taken a year.

Applicable toEngland

All students.


This is identical to the Instance.YEARPRG field in the Student record.

Courses of less than one year should be coded 1 in this field.

Providers may return code 99 if the course structure does not enable Year of course to be derived.

In cases where foundation years are integral to degree programmes, the foundation year should be shown as Year 0 in this field and 'degree' in Student.ITTAIM. This will allow a clear distinction to be made between stand-alone foundation courses and those which are integral to degree programmes. The relationship between this field and Student.YEARSTU in these circumstances is shown in the table below.

Foundation year10
First year21
Second year32
Third year43

This field should not increment for students who are writing-up, but Student.YEARSTU would increment on the anniversary of their starting date.

This field should be incremented for each year of a course a student studies. Therefore, where students do not repeat any studies, year of course will increment each reporting year. In particular, where students study full-time courses on a part-time basis the year of course should still increment every year. For example, if a student is studying a degree normally taken full-time over 3 years, over 6 years part-time, the year of course should start at 1 and increase each reporting year to 6.

Quality rules
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Part of
Field length2
Minimum occurrences1
Maximum occurrences1
Schema components
Element: YEARPRG

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