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Derived field specifications - Contents

Below is a list of derived fields created by HESA. They are provided to aid in understanding the onwards usage of data. They may be subject to updating during the collection year, until the collection closes.

Please refer to the Derived field specifications - History page for a full list of changes to the specifications, ordered by date.

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Field name Version Description
XACMRK012.1.2Academic employment marker
XACTSOC011.1.1Activity Standard Occupational Classification 2010 (SOC2010) major grouping
XAGEA011.6.1Age at 31 August in reporting year
XAGRPB011.1.5Staff age grouping
XHQHELD011.2.2Highest qualification held
XINSTC011.18.1Country of higher education provider
XINSTG013.16.1Region of higher education provider
XINSTID011.46.1HESA higher education provider identifier
XMOEMP012.1.2Mode of employment
XPOPC012.4.1Staff contract population at 1 December
XPOPP011.2.1Staff person population at 1 December
XPOPPA011.2.1Staff atypical population
XPSESC013.3.1Staff contract session population
XSAFPE012.1.3Staff atypical full-person equivalent activity by cost centre
XSALG015.1.2Salary at reference date (grouped)
XSALPNT012.1.1Contract salary grouping
XSALR012.4.1Salary at reference date
XSFPE012.1.3Staff full-person equivalent activity by cost centre
XSFTE012.2.1Staff full-time equivalent activity by cost centre
XSNAT011.5.2Staff nationality analysis grouping
XSOBS012.3.1Source of basic salary
ZREF_CONPOP1.1.2REF Contract Population marker
ZREF_FTE1.1.2Total REF FTE per person
ZREF_POP1.1.2REF Population Marker

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