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Staff record 2019/20 - Coding manual release schedule

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Version 1.0 Produced 2019-11-21

This document outlines the planned dates for the first release of the coding manual documents. These documents may subsequently be updated in future releases.

Scheduled releases of the coding manual

Release Description
June Y1 Introduction, Data protection guidance, Notification of changes.
October Y1 Support guide, Coverage of the record, Data model, Data items, File structure, Cyy025.xsd, Cyy025DataTypes.xsd, Cyy025CodeLists.xsd, Coding activities and HESA cost centres, Combined levels, FTE vs FPE, Template exit survey, Data collection schedule, Submit data to HESA, Validation overview.
February Y2 Quality rules, Download validation kit.
April Y2 File structures for downladable files - Data supply, File structures for downladable files - Expected contract population.
June Y2 Derived field specifications.
August Y2 Clinical academic salary values, Single pay spine, Fixed database facility.

Scheduled releases of the coding manual documentation

Section Document Release
Overview Introduction June Y1
Data protection guidance June Y1
Notification of changes June Y1
Data specification Coverage of the record October Y1
Data items October Y1
Data model October Y1
File structure October Y1
Cyy025.xsd October Y1
Cyy025DataTypes.xsd October Y1
Cyy025CodeLists.xsd October Y1
Derived field specifications June Y2
Further guidance Clinical academic salary values August Y2
Coding activities and HESA cost centres October Y1
Combined levels October Y1
FTE vs FPE October Y1
Single pay spine August Y2
Template exit survey October Y1
Submission process and quality assurance Data collection schedule October Y1
Help with the data collection system October Y1
Submit data to HESA October Y1
Validation overview October Y1
Quality rules February Y2
Quality rules FAQ February Y2
Download validation kit February Y2
File structures for downloadable files - Data supply April Y2
File structures for downloadable files - Expected contract population April Y2
Fixed database facility August Y2

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