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This table lists changes and additions to the record specification and supporting documentation.

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Element Element version Notes Version Type of change  
Coverage of the record
1.1 Guidance has been clarified. Version 1.1 (2020-12-16) Field  
C19031 Finance template.(xlsx) 1.0 The non functional template has been added under the 'Downloadable files' section. Version 1.1 (2020-12-16) Documentation  
Data collection schedule 1.0 The Data collection schedule has been released under the Overview section. Please note that additional guidance has been added regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Version 1.1 (2020-12-16) Field  
Derived field specifications N/a The Derived field specifications have been added under the 'Downloadable files' section. Version 1.1 (2020-12-16) Field  
Key Financial Indicator (KFI) definitions 1.1 Additional items have been added under Number 5 External borrowing as a % of total income. Version 1.1 (2020-12-16) Field  
Table 1 - Consolidated statement of comprehensive income
Table 2 - Consolidated statement of Financial Position
Table 3 - Consolidated statement of cash flows
1.0 Guidance for Tables 1,2 and 3 have been separated out into their own pages. Version 1.1 (2020-12-16) Guidance  
Table 4 - Research grants and contracts
Table 5 - Tuition fees and education contracts
Table 6 - Income analysed by source (all providers)
Table 7 - Expenditure by activity
Table 8 - Capital expenditure
Table 9 - Separately disclosed material items
1.1 Further guidance has been added. Version 1.1 (2020-12-16) Guidance  
Table 6 - Funding body grants (country specific) 1.1 Further guidance has been added. Head 2 has also been added for Scotland. Version 1.1 (2020-12-16) Field  
Table 10 - Head of provider remuneration
Table 11 - Analysis of staff costs
Table 12 - Severance payments
1.1 Further guidance has been added. The links have also been updated for HEFCW and DfENI - Accounts direction. Version 1.1 (2020-12-16) Guidance  
All table documentation 1.0 The full documentation for the C19031 Finance tables have been added to the coding manual, Tables renumbered to reflect the removal of the Consolidated statement of changes in reserves from c18031 onward. Guidance updated for the c19031 collection for Table 4 columns 12, 13 and 14; Table 5 sub heading 6a and 6b; Table 6 sub heading 4a; Table 8 columns 2 and 8 and Table 11 (to clarify reporting of pension scheme costs). Version 1.0 (2020-08-18) Field  
Key Financial Indicator (KFI) definitions 1.0 The KFI definitions has been released under the Supporting documents section. Version 1.0 (2020-08-18) Field  

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