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Field description Field abbreviation Field version Field length Field type

Valid entries

Code Label
01 Doctorate
02 Masters
03 PGCE & other PG
04 PG Credits
05 First degree
06 Foundation degree
07 Other UG
08 UG Credits
09 Other HE (pre-2007/08 only)
10 FE
11 No formal qualification

Dependent fields


Depend upon fields

  • None

Additional information

Provides a grouping of qualification aim based on comparative levels of study.

Will be used in UNISTATS Table 3 from 2007/08 (TQI_QUALAIM is derived pre-2007/08).

Course.COURSEAIM groupings separate out credits at graduate and undergraduate level.

Technical Specification

D00, E00 01
L00, M00, M01, M02, M10, M11, M16, M22, M26, M28 02
E13, E40, E43, L80, M13, M40, M41, M42, M43, M45, M50, M70, M71, M72, M73, M76, M78, M79, M80, M86, M88, H71, M44 03
D90, E90, L90, L91 M90, M91 04
H00, H11, H12, H16, H18, H22, H23, H50, I00, I11, I12, I16 05
J10, J16 06
C13, H13, H41, H42, H43, H60, H61, H70, H72, H76, H78, H79, H80, H81, H88, I60, I61, I70, I71, I72, I73, I74, I76, I78, I79, I80, I81, J13 J20, J26, J30, J41, J42, J43, J45, J76, J80, C20, C30, C41, C42, C43, C77, C78, C80, H62 07
H90, H91, I90, I91, J90, C90 08
*****not used***** 09
All codes beginning P, Q, R, S, X except X99 10
L99, M99, H99, I99, J99, C99, X99 11

Revision history

Date Version Notes
2020-05-19 1.7.3 Valid entry I13 (Access course or pathway programme at level 5) amended and changed to J13 (Access course or pathway programme at level 5
2020-03-26 1.7.2 Valid entry Z99 removed from technical specification. New valid entries added C13, I13 & H13 into 07 and M13 & E13 into 03
2019-04-11 1.7.1 Codes H24 have been removed
2018-04-26 1.6.1 Code D01 has been removed
2016-02-20 1.5.1 Added in codes I78, M73 and Z99
2015-02-20 1.3.1 Added code M28 (note: H24 is no longer valid code in 2013/14, left in to make this spec backwards compatible
2015-02-10 1.4.1 Added in codes H12, I12, I73
2014-02-10 1.2.1 Added in codes M44 and H62
2011-03-09 1.1.1 From 2011/12 (same as TQI_COURSEAIM_1.1.1

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